14 May 2019

Time 2 minutes

The Ultimate Sugar Rush

The Ultimate Sugar Rush

Attention all sweet-toothed individuals, this is your chance! Here is our most decadent circuit: The Ultimate Sugar Rush.

(Small piece of advice: Don’t take it in small doses; this is an experience that deserves to be lived to the fullest!)

Les glaceurs

Their fabulous and copious cupcakes need no introduction. What more to ask for this time of year than their famous Holiday collection! Their three flavours are gingerbread, cranberry and white chocolate, and black forest.*

*Available until Dec 31st.

Les Moulins Lafayette Vieux-Montréal

Les Moulins Lafayette is an amazing bakery/pastry shop that has something for everybody: Mathilde Fays chocolates, nougats, pastries, cakes, cookies, pies… And of course Yule logs (also offered in mini-log format, for mini-log-sized appetites).

Bar à beurre

Their speciality: the butterball. This Italian recipe made out cookie dough, custard and sugar will WOW you. You can also pay a visit to the Amora family who own the place; they are all very charming people.

Maison Christian Faure

The Maison Christian Faure is renowned for having some of the best pastries in the neighborhood. M. Faure, honorably entitled Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier, and his team of highly-skilled chefs also share their wisdom to the students at the Maison’s pastry school. If you walk by the Place Royale, you must absolutely try their succulent Tropézienne tart.

Cookie Stéphanie

Gluten-intolerant? No worries: Cookie Stéphanie is perfect for you! This shop has been specializing in gluten-free treats for 8 years now. Go discover how they will make you forget your allergy when you taste their delightful delicacies.

La Dispensa

La Dispensa will take you on a trip to Italy with its delicious classic Italian coffees and its excellent homemade cannolis. Honestly, what better way to end an afternoon than an espresso and a delicious, sugary snack.

Canadian Maple Delights

This boutique truly offers you a wide variety of maple products in all shapes and sizes! Maple candies, pastries, ice cream, cookies, coffees, you name it! You simply cannot walk by it without being tempted.