07 Dec 2020

Time 2 minutes

Les 2Pierrots - ♫ Till we meet again... ♫

Les 2Pierrots - ♫ Till we meet again... ♫

A true Old Montreal institution, les 2Pierrots announced a few weeks ago that they will be closing their doors for good. To celebrate this live music venue’s 46 years of business on 104 Saint-Paul Street East, they will be holding a virtual goodbye party. The show will take place on Saturday December 12th, starting at 7 p.m. and will be streamed via Facebook Live so that everyone can join.

This event’s accessibility was very important to Marilou Sciascia Ruel, owner of 2Pierrots. The concept behind the show? “We’ve invited all the singers who have performed here this past year. The show will be recorded in studio so that we may offer top-quality sound, and the content will be 70% francophone, like during a normal evening at 2Pierrots.”

The owner had the great idea to sell the business’ barstools, tables, armrests, etc. through an online store… which was a phenomenal success! Several people have been able to pick up a little piece of 2Pierrots to keep the music bar alive in their home. “I never expected it to be so popular! People have told me how ecstatic they were to be able to pick up a 2Pierrots souvenir. All these waves of love really warms my heart.” Marilou tells us, very moved.

But don’t be too sad. While 2Pierrots, in the same building since 1974, is indeed closing, this does not mean the end… Marilou smiles as she tells us “My head is full of ideas for 2Pierrots. Singers, French songs… I’ll announce the times and places on our social media!” So keep your eyes on the 2Pierrots social media channels to keep up to date with all the new developments!

For now, the meeting is set for December 12th, from 7 p.m. till… whenever you’re done sipping for the night!