17 Jul 2019

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July 2019 : Selection of books by Librairie Bertrand

July 2019 : Selection of books by Librairie Bertrand

Every month, Librairie Bertrand is offering their special selection of books! This July, Claire the librarian has picked 5 books to read this summer while the children enjoy their holidays!

The Wolf in the Whale - Jordanna Max Brodsky

Looking for an escape from the heat? Then journey to the north where, in this stunning masterpiece, Jordanna Max Brodsky weaves a cinematic tale of adventure and survival, blending history, mythology and timeless romance. All of this is set to the epic backdrop of the Arctic wilderness. at a time of great change towards the end of the first millennium.

City of Girls - Elizabeth Gilbert

City of Girls is a genre-bending, uniquely-structured, lighthearted, deeply-profound kind of novel. Experience every moment of being young and careless in the 1940's New York, amid showgirls and theater personalities! This glorious fantasy is so enrapturing, it doesn't matter if nothing goes right.

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous - Ocean Vuong

Not only is the title beautiful, but much of the writing is as well. This letter from a young Vietnamese immigrant to his mother who doesn’t know how to read is raw, impactful, achingly sad and painful to read. Yet it is a human experience, one that fills your heart with empathy and compassion.

The Confessions of Frannie Langton - Sara Collins

London, circa 1820, and servant Frannie Langton is on trial accused of murdering her Master and Mistress. The problem is that she can’t remember anything about that fateful night, however, she can’t believe that she’d murder her mistress, she loved her too much to hurt her, didn’t she? This is a well-written historical whodunit that brings early 19th century London deliciously to life. The characters are quite complex, none more so than Frannie!

Every Little Piece of Me - Amy Jones

Amy Jones has written another fantastic novel, this one about the high price of fame for a reluctant reality-television star and a grieving rock star. There is a sense of a humour and a feeling that, even when things are dire- and they get dire- her characters will pull through. Every Little Piece of Me in particular describes what the life in the public eye is like and what it means for women, specifically.

There There - Tommy Orange

Orange's ambitious debut captures the experience of modern "urban Indians" through constantly shifting third person perspectives, ultimately showing that Native Americans are not a monolith, not a stereotype, not united under a single identity. The author takes a number of risks, and yet they all work to create a book of such extreme power that, it's hard to pull away from it! A brutal, insightful novel, with a sea of memorable characters. Each one very different, and yet all connected.

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