15 Oct 2020

Time 2 minutes

Halloween Special: Books Selection by Bertrand Bookstore

Halloween Special: Books Selection by Bertrand Bookstore

The whole month of October and the spooky day that closes it out, Halloween, is synonymous with ghosts, sorcerers and a host of other mysterious beings. Our wonderful booksellers at Bertrand Bookstore have prepared a great selection of books with that Halloween feeling, through either their theme or their ambiance. There’s something here for everyone, from little ones to adults. Even the teens will find something good!

Now, settle down with a good pumpkin spice latte and take your pick!


Christopher Pumpkin by Sue Hendra (9780316427555), 32 pages, 22.99$ - 4-8 years old

This beautifully illustrated picture book follows Christopher Pumpkin, an outsider in the world of the wicked old witch. Unlike all the other evil pumpkins, Christopher prefers colours and cupcakes to scary things. Will he be able to both stay true to his roots and still help his friends plan the scariest Halloween party ever? A very cute story about embracing your differences.


Messenger 93 by Barbara Radecki, (9781770865686), 240 pages, 15.95$ - 14 years old and up

“In seven days, she will fall,” say the crows. “As she falls, so do we all.” That sinister message from the crows sends M on an adventure into the woods with Gray, a Cree boy with motives of his own, in hopes of evading the ominous threat. Who is the message about? What about that strange dream M has of being a modern-day Joan of Arc? This supernatural novel explores identity, indigenous culture, and privilege in a gripping story that will please teenagers and adults alike.


I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney (9781250147356), 320 pages, 22.99$

The international bestselling author of Sometimes I Lie strikes back with a dark thriller. Aimee Sinclair is an actress with a secret she’s never shared. But when she comes home and her husband is missing, she realizes that someone must know. Struggling between calling the police who think she is hiding something and trying to keep her career, she will have to face her past in dangerous ways.

A History of Magic, Witchcraft, and the Occult by Suzannah Lipscomb (9781465494290), 320 pages, 45.00$

This great hardcover book is a perfect introduction to the history of magic. Whether you believe in it or not, Suzannah Lipscomb offers an unbiased account of everything magical from past to present and all around the globe. Comprehensive and fascinating, you are sure to learn something new from this book.