06 Jan 2022

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Giving the Old Montreal Brands that We Love

Giving the Old Montreal Brands that We Love

Latest update: January 6, 2022

Do you have a friend that likes to stop by the same place every morning for coffee to go? Does your sister sing the praises of that one restaurant or bring you there every chance she gets? Giving the gift of a well-liked brand is a simple and effective way to bring happiness! And of course, the Gens du Vieux have been showing off their creativity these past few months, figuring out ways to let their clientele bring a little piece of their favourite stores home with them. This allows people to support their local businesses differently, becoming a brand ambassador with proudly emblazoned clothing, accessories and products.

Coffee… and Much More!

Paquebot Café, 520 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Established in le Vieux since 2018, Paquebot Café has quickly become a neighbourhood staple thanks to its quality coffee and warm personnel. If you want to spoil someone who swears by their Zab coffee, order them a reusable Paquebot mug, a t-shirt or hoodie with their slogan “Sip and ride”, and one of their nice hats that come in many different colours.

Café Olimpico, 419 Saint-Vincent Street

A veritable mainstay in the historic neighbourhood, Café Olimpico has been a coffee lover’s oasis for several years, and any coffee fan would be happy to get a reusable tote bag containing some of their favourite blend, accompanied by a reusable travel or ceramic mug, a cappuccino scented candle, and a T-shirt (in white or black) – each item proudly sporting the Café Olimpico brand!

Aloha Espresso Bar, 15 de la Commune Street West

The Aloha Espresso Bar café with the charming pineapple brand is offering bags of its house coffee, mugs with their fruity sigil, and for the real gourmands, a packet of their house granola blend or their MacNuts granola (macadamia nuts and chocolate) – or maybe even both, just go nuts!

Structure, 460 McGill Street

Well-settled in the historic neighbourhood, Structure roasts and packages all its coffee in Montreal. It makes for a tasty local gift that goes well with one of their T-shirts (classic print or the limited edition), made by Nil Apparel. They are woven, dyed, embroidered, and sewn in Montreal as well.

Cafécito, 64 Prince Street

At this cute little Havana-inspired café, Cafécito, you will find bags of their house coffee of course, but also cotton wool sweaters with the slogan “We call the shots.”. For fans of the brand, they also sell an absolutely adorable pink and wood-textured thermos mug to carry with you wherever, as well as their iconic rose-coloured mugs you can enjoy at home.

Café Ludo & Panda Boxing, 640 St-Paul Street West

The boxing club Panda Boxing and Café Ludo share the same address, the latter taking residence in the vestibule of the former. The boxing club’s panda mascot and the café’s fox can be found on items like stickers, skateboards, sweaters, boxing wraps, etc. And, like any café worth its name, you can get a bag of their house coffee. These gifts definitely pack a punch!

Mlle Catherine, 423 Place Jacques-Cartier

In this bright space, residents and visitors to the neighbourhood can procure bags of coffee and mugs in soft colours. But we challenge you to leave Mlle Catherine without dropping a few dollars to get your hands on their crêpe assortments and their chocolate fondue. It’s a great way to spoil yourself at home without having to spend hours in the kitchen!

Refreshment Bars and Wine Cellars

Pub Saint Pierre, 410 Saint-Pierre Street

Situated on one of the oldest streets in the neighbourhood, the welcoming Pub Saint Pierre, known for its themed nights, proposes a panoply of products to wow its most loyal guests: tuques, caps, jerseys, shirts, blouses, glasses, sauces, and even biscuit dough!

The Coldroom, 155 Saint-Paul Street East

To find this The Coldroom’s speakeasy address, its creative team advised us to… follow the duck! And so we did! If you fall in love with this little mascot, know that you can purchase a tuque, a cap, a jersey, a patch, or a pin with him on it!

Pub BreWskey, 380 Saint-Paul Street East

Fans of both beer and whiskey will enjoy this address, as you may guess from the wordplay in their name! The most loyal BreWskey customers will assuredly wear their black or blue hoodies and t-shirts, and use glasses and thermal bags bearing their logo with pride.

Upscale Groceries

Chez Mère-Grand, 800 Berri Street

A combo grocery, café, and brunch spot, Chez Mère-Grand puts everything you need to create a pleasing, gourmet gift basket at the palm of your hand! Homemade granola, orange flower madeleines… and especially their Snickers flavoured snack spread!

Épicerie Marinelli, 759 de la Commune Street West

Recently open in the neighbourhood, Épicerie Marinelli is the place to go if you want to spoil the Epicurean near and dear to your heart. Sauces, pasta, oils, vinegars; a great selection awaits you. And you should definitely toss a bottle of wine and a bag of the eponymous coffee beans in your gift basket. To round out the order: a Marinelli cap and hoodie!

Le Petit Dep, 179 Saint-Paul West and 461 Saint-Sulpice Street

At Le Petit Dep – general store, upscale boutique, and ready-to-eat counter – you will assuredly find one or more gifts for your family and friends! We particularly love their selection of sweaters and rompers for children. Older fans of the store aren’t left out: they’ll love their t-shirts, hoodies, bottles, and bags bearing a jolly gnome. Wrap everything up in a Le Petit Dep reusable bag, and you’ve got a themed and ecologically responsible gift!


Les Pyrénées, 320 Saint-Paul Street West

If you’re looking for a gift to please your sweet-tooth dad or your mom who prefers savoury foods, you can find what you need to fit any tastes at Les Pyrénées. To help you save some time on your search, they have come up with some attractively themed gift baskets for you to choose from, including the Discovery Basket, the Gourmand Basket, and the Epicurean Basket, just to name a few. And why not let yourself try their cloth-wrapped duck foie gras? It is Christmas for you too, after all!

Comptoir 400, 400 Place Jacques-Cartier

Situated right in the heart of Place Jacques-Cartier, Comptoir 400 offers a bunch of products to please the gourmands of your group. Look through their collection of chocolate, nuts, coffee (their espresso that they sell by the bag is an absolute must-try!), and more… They have even begun to sell their signature soap; try it or buy it for friends now!

No. 900, 444 McGill Street

What lover of Neapolitan pizza doesn’t know this popular restaurant and grocery chain? At No. 900, you can uncover T-shirts, reusable tote bags, bottles of spicy oil, and kits that will let you prepare a real Italian feast right at home, pizza cutter included!

Mandy’s, 425 Saint-Nicolas Street

Lots of people go crazy for the gourmet salads made by sisters Mandy and Rebecca! If you count yourself among them, show your affection for the local chain Mandy’s by getting one or two of their recipe books and vinaigrettes, or else the clothing and colourful reusable containers with positive messages on them.

Gibbys, 298 Place d’Youville

This elegant restaurant, known for its stone walls and fireplaces, has been welcoming steak and seafood fans since 1969, in a building constructed 200 years ago! To recreate the delicacies found at Gibbys in your own home, you can walk out with their sauces, marinades, and spice blends. Very classy!

Slice + Soda, 201 Saint-Paul West

These trendy pizzerias are just as well known for their delicious pizza made with local ingredients, as their colourful drinks and their woody decor lit up with pink neon lights. If you only swear by Slice + Soda’s specialities, treat yourself to one of their hats or their fleece tops that come in rich colours.


Mimi & August, 162 Saint-Amable Street

For a fun and original gift, drop by the boutique Mimi & August, now on Saint-Amable Street. Socks, hair accessories, reusable Café Yo mugs with patterns we’re going crazy for, sweaters that are selling like hotcakes, beanies, and art prints. You will unearth some real treasures here.

Boutique Bonjour Montréal, 421 Place Jacques-Cartier

If you only want to make one stop for your holiday shopping, make your destination Boutique Bonjour Montréal! You will find everything here, for all budgets and for any age! We love their brand-name items – Bonjour Montréal mugs, T-shirts and hoodies – great for family outside our borders, and their wonderful selection of local creations, Christmas ornaments, gourmet products, stationery, and fashion and beauty items.

SSENSE, 418 Saint-Sulpice Street

In this luxury temple, you will find nothing but pieces signed by some of the most prestigious fashion designers on the planet! We fell head over heels for the SSENSE WORKS collection, created in collaboration with multidisciplinary artists. You have the lion’s share of choice here, among sweaters, shirts, pants, and accessories, sewn with neutral coloured or screen printed fabrics. They are a must for your relaxed (but no less stylish!) looks.

Beauty and Well-Being

Maison privée, 232 de l’Hôpital Street

The sophisticated barbershop brand Maison privée now has its own line of beauty products! Made in Canada, their pomade, beard oil, and razor are as high-performing as they are beautiful, in distinctive black packaging. It’s the ideal offering to spoil the men in your life!

Scandinave Spa, 71 de la Commune Street East

Recreate the zen atmosphere of this hallowed place in your home, with a soft bathrobe or the classic slippers from Scandinave Spa. While you’re there, don’t forget the eucalyptus-scented candles, signature smell of this iconic establishment

Luna Yoga, 231 Saint-Paul West

Between two sessions at this studio, founded nearly 20 years ago, do a bit of shopping and leave with some camisoles and a bag to hold your mat. We love the values passed on by the Luna Yoga team, such as community and environmental protection. And who knows, maybe your purchases will motivate you to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions to get healthier!

Happy shopping!

N.B.: Does your business also offer nice gifts, but is not yet on our list? Don’t hesitate to write us at info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com, and we will be happy to include it.

Photo credit: Structure Torréfacteurs; Épicerie Marinelli; Panda Boxing; Les Pyrénées; Ludo Café; Cafecito; Aloha; Mimi & August; Épicerie Marinelli; Paquebot Café; Boutique Bonjour Montréal.