07 Dec 2021

Time 3 minutes

Find original gifts in Old Montreal

Find original gifts in Old Montreal

This year, we set out on the task of finding some out of the ordinary gifts that aren’t too cumbersome, and luckily our Gens du Vieux have everything you need for a unique Christmas! There are some gifts you can slide under the tree that others would have never thought of, and they’ll get a lot of “Ohs!, Ahs!, and Huhs?” without fail. And when we say “not too cumbersome”, we mean that we’ve aimed more toward experiences and less toward objects, because now is the time to give something different!

The Crystal Ball, Gleaming as an Ornament

First stop on the original gift tour is Toro Holistic for a Tarot reading session. Whether you want to clarify the past year before it dies, squash some doubts, or confirm some trends, this is a gift that will leave no one indifferent, no matter if you believe in cartomancy or not. So, what does 2022 have in store…?

Upcycling Your Christmas Gifts

Do you want to “recycle” or personalize a sweater, a pair of shoes, or even a new or used piece of furniture? It’s fully possible! With galerie L’Original, Australian artist Alex Grilanc - GRiLs - is putting on the event “Merry Capitalismas”. The show will take place December 16th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., but from December 16th to the 21st, you can come meet him to have your own items personalized for a unique and engaging gift that will have you reflecting on your own possessions and consumption.

How does it work? A catalog lists out the prices per project, but you can also ask the artist directly to find out his budget, because at its heart, the initiative itself is meant to be a bridge, a meeting, and a festive moment! To give you some ideas, the gallery also offers this service through other artists, and you can get a little preview here.

Locked Away and Getting Some Relaxation (finally, at last)

A/Maze has finally opened in Old Montreal, and you have to admit that the décor of the historic neighbourhood is a fitting choice for this fun and out of the ordinary experience! You can make reservations for one or more of their scenarios (either outdoor or indoor) and eat at their on-site restaurant Inventions. Fans of puzzles, games, or those simply wanting to test out the teamwork between their friends or colleagues need to make a stop here!

Good to keep in mind: the bigger your group, the less you pay per person, but you can still have fun in only a group of two. And if you’re not sure what scenario you want to try, they also have gift cards.

Learn to Cook, and Earn a Visit from a Friend

Ateliers et saveurs is well-known in Montreal for its dynamic, fun, and instructive classes. Which is perfect for the season! You can opt for a course to do together or alone or pick up a gift certificate for cuisine, cocktails, or wine. It’s a great investment for your next potluck or family/friend reunions, and you can even choose the amount you want: $50, 100, 200, or more.

The Healing Waters of Scandinavia

Le Scandinave Spa is offering an advantageous annual membership for aquatherapy adherents. The benefits of this Nordic ritual have been proven time and time again, so maybe we should make 2022 the year of health and taking care of yourself – it’s best to give yourself all the chances you can, right? For $1600, you will obtain unlimited access to the baths during the weeks for 13 months, a 15% discount for two guests, and the normal included items (robe, towel, padlock, sandals), your first massage free and discounts on the rest, with the tenth being free as well. A great idea for a gift that many will love and will practically induce happiness.