25 Aug 2020

Time 4 minutes

Family Excursion: a Typical Day in le Vieux

Family Excursion: a Typical Day in le Vieux

Summer was made to play, and le Vieux is the perfect playing field to create memories together as a family. This tour will no doubt astound and warm the hearts of all, young and old alike!

Our first stop is at SOS Labyrinthe. Take part in the legend and embark on the research of the longshoremen’s treasure. Over two kilometres of maze, obstacles, and fun await you here. This Old Montreal institution is an expressway to crazy laughter and an exit door… if you can find it!

A few steps away from the labyrinth, you will find yourself at Voiles en Voiles, the family amusement park filled with immense ships. When you see their impressive reproductions of the royal ship and pirate ships, you will marvel and be transported to the fascinating world of oceanic adventurers. Little sailors and big corsairs can experiment with their aerial obstacle courses to their hearts content. Plus, they also have the pirate cinema, climbing walls, inflatable games, and an archery combat arena; sure to make for some wonderful stories!

Are you a thrill-seeker? Then, Zipline MTL is the activity for you! Fly like a superhero and get a bird’s-eye-view over the city. Plus, this is your chance to scream as loud as you can – and try your best to keep your eye open, the view is mind-blowing. Their friendly, highly-qualified team will be able to give you the confidence to take on this challenge! The adrenaline rush is totally worth the try!

Once your emotions are completely drained, you’ll definitely have a big appetite; trust us, we know. Take your children to discover the food trucks at the Old Port. Whether you opt for a smoked meat sandwich from the Old Port Deli or some of their decadent poutine, you will surely be satiated. Vegetarians will also be happy to know that their sauce is 100% vegetarian. Or would you rather have a Philly-style sub? The Deli’s Old Port neighbour, Charleys, has your fix. These sandwiches are loaded and delicious. Whichever truck you go with, you can chow down on your haul at the nearby picnic tables, positioned perfectly in the shade.

To continue on with the naval theme, turn your steps toward the Pointe-à-Callière museum for the Pirates or Privateers? exhibit. Embark aboard Captain Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville’s ship and find out if you have what it takes to join his crew, serve New France, and take on their enemies! And while you’re here, take a peek at their captivating exposition Into the Wonder Room. You will be stupefied when faced with all the mysterious objects, animals, and scientific instruments found here. It’s impossible to be indifferent! Finally, you can’t possibly leave the museum without passing through the Memory Collector. Enter into the Montreal of yesteryear and walk through North America’s first rain collector. The projections from Moment Factory, paired with a sonorous ambience created especially for this exhibit, make for one out-of-the-ordinary multisensory experience.

Next, direct yourself to Jacques Cartier Quay to find Aventures Wet Set Mtl, and your next dose of adrenaline. Explore Montreal from the water, while piloting your own jet ski, with your children on the back (children must be ages 6 and up). Are you looking for a more peaceful voyage? They also have group or private boat tours; all the better to get in a little tourism and learn more about the city’s history.

As you climb to the upper level of the quay, you should come across one of the sanitary terminals put in place by le Vieux for the public to sanitize their hands. It might be a good idea to take advantage of this before you grab a snack. Accordingly, M. Churos et Mme Banane is waiting for you. Choose a personalized churro, or a frozen banana dipped in chocolate with your favorite topping and just enjoy yourself!

End the day with a visit to Château Ramezay. This incontrovertible key to our heritage will open its doors on more than 500 years of history. Take the time to explore the Governor's Garden, which will give you a peek into the bygone gardens of New French Montreal nobility.

After this unforgettable day as a family in le Vieux, you will definitely want to come back. And luckily for you, we also have tour suggestions for travels themed around food, fashion, and relaxation.

© Photo Credit 1: SOS Labyrinthe
© Photo Credit 2: Geneviève Giguère
© Photo Credit 3: Aventures Wet Set Montréal
© Photo Credit 4: M Churros Mme Banane