26 Oct 2021

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Autumn Fashion: Great Addresses for Women’s Fashion

Autumn Fashion: Great Addresses for Women’s Fashion

Although the transition between seasons and the changing temperatures make many grumble, we love the versatility it gives our wardrobe. Whether you’re searching Old Montreal for something bold, practical, tradi-chic, or minimalist, women’s fashion is bringing its best to the catwalk this autumn.

Autumn in Full Colour

Denis Gagnon, Take Inspiration from a Signature Designer

Once again, this autumn we are making the rounds in Denis Gagnon’s boutique-workshop to draw inspiration from his recent creations and add a great little piece to our closet. His “Denise” Collection is, without a doubt, the best way to enjoy his brand at an affordable price. We especially love his comfortable jersey dresses, with a chic and asymmetrical look that works great with bare legs and boots, and yet still fits with tights or leggings on a grey day. We’ve also noticed his velvet “hoodie-pants” ensembles which bring a touch of depth and originality to the all-purpose outfit.

John Fluevog, Put on Something Original

Since 2017, le Vieux has enjoyed putting on pieces from this brand. The Canadian designer from Vancouver seems to have found an equilibrium between old-fashioned and modern styles that has made our neighbourhood jump for joy, and made him jump at the chance to open up his store here! We love this season’s “super-heroine” looks, like the Dali or the Bowie, but our favourite might just be the fashionably casual Joplin, which comes in a metallic violet colour, either as pants or a skirt.

Roxanne Nikki, Perfect All Year-Round

This designer does not make collections based off of-seasons but prefers offering unique items that can be picked up all throughout the year. Her fabrics are exclusive to the Roxanne Nikki line and are created in Europe. While the majority of her pieces come in black, she also loves to employ yellow, and this autumn, we will be seeing magnificent items in faux fur, perfect for keeping warm!

As a matter of fact, she has outfitted several celebrity singers and actresses, and offers exceptional clothes to help you feel exceptional in your every day!

(Photo 1-3: Roxanne Nikki)

Returning to Classic Chic

Room Service, Clothing and Counsel!

Thanks to Dominique and Virginie, the two proprietors, it is possible to discover the rarities of the moment through samples of some of the most exclusive and trendiest collections that they have uncovered – all for their clients. And when you pass through the doors of the Room Service Loft, they aren’t simply offering a pair of boots or a cashmere sweater. They offer prudent advice from professionals trained to help accentuate our silhouette. In the post-back-to-school season, it’s truly a place to check out.

Le Vaisseau d’Or, The Timeless Marinière

If there was only one address that fans of marinière sweaters needed to know, it would definitely be this St-Paul Street boutique. Timeless and unbeatable, this crown jewel of the wardrobe comes from here in the form of a classic St-James marinière, dress, or accessory. There’s no hesitation when it comes to this quality mark of a great outfit! This year, we’re matching our marinière with shorts that work perfectly with changing temperatures, and can be worn elegantly with tights.

Good to know, we love the excellent customer service given by Nathalie and Célia, who have a practiced eye and are never seen without a smile!

(Photo 4-6: Vaisseau d'Or)

Ethical and Worldly Fashion

Mlle Earth, Clothe the World

Alexandra Cyr is the Mlle Earth boutique founder and Montreal designer who, at the age of 21, flew to Paris to learn the secrets of the fashion world. Globe-trotter to her core, Alexandra draws her inspiration from her many travels throughout the world to express all the beauty that she saw there.

Situated under the PETERwHartH Gallery, her boutique can be loosely compared to a cave of treasures straight out of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves – piled with unique treasures. Unique is the keyword here, as each piece of clothing sold in Mlle Earth is designed and created under the fashion designer’s supervision.

Féline, An Animalistic Daring

While walking through Old Montreal, you will find certain businesses that approach things their own way, and who offer a different vision of fashion. That is precisely the case with Féline, a collective space-boutique that welcomes creators from Montreal and all over the world where they can show off their most recent works.

Elise, the on-site stylist with a well-established reputation on the scene, ensures that everything is coordinated in order to help every client find the right fit for them. Because here at Féline, “personalization” is the keyword. It doesn’t matter whether they want a wool sweater, a leather vest, or a handbag, this team will give their all to find the piece that fits.

Accessories to Set the Tone

Anne de Shalla, Shawls Et Cetera

This boutique situated in Bonsecours Market is the ideal place to find a shawl or scarf to give you some extra pep and a healthy glow for when the gloominess creeps in. Their model The Robin is somewhere between shawl and scarf, and is great for its two-in-one practicality and warmth! If you loved the violet Joplin from John Fleuvog, you might want to walk away with the prune model, or if not, the brilliant pink Cozumel model (currently on special), which lives true to its name; its fuchsia colour will wonderfully heighten all your fall tones.

Aside from its collection of accessories, this boutique is also notable for its perfectos and other leather vests that we’ve lovingly adopted into our wardrobe this season!

Impact Galerie, Balance between Tradition and Contemporary

Artisan Ev Arad works in gold, silver, and precious stones like no one else. And, her jewellery - specifically her rings, earrings, and necklaces - will turn the heads of anyone who loves styles inspired by ancient Yemen and Middle-Eastern culture. Owner of Impact Gallery, Ev Arad is also the gallery’s lead artisan.

But Ev Arad isn’t just a jeweller. She is also the author of countless books on interior design where she shares her thoughts on aesthetics that are both traditional and contemporary at the same time. If you want a quick primer on her most recent creations, you may sign up for her newsletter.

N.B.: We are regularly updating this list. If your business is not yet listed here and matches the theme, please write to us so that we may include it! info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com