03 Jan 2020

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Address book: In the Sun, snowbirds in the Vieux!

Address book: In the Sun, snowbirds in the Vieux!

Are you finding yourself dreaming of a getaway and some sunshine, even though we are in the deep winter of the New Year? Take some time to discover these Old-Montreal businesses that will give you that renewing, uplifting summer feeling!

South American Cuisine


Life is rosy at Cafecito! This Cuban café is the ideal spot for fans of the finer things: its brick walls and pink telephone will inspire envy among your Instagram followers! And it’s not just its beautiful décor that brings in the crowds. Renowned for its high-quality coffee, Cafecito is the best place to start your day in a great mood!

El Pequeño

Situated in the heart of Old-Montreal, and named the smallest bar in Quebec, the bar El Pequeño pulls its inspiration from Cuban bars and you can definitely feel it! Their bright and sunny cocktails and their elegant and carefully-researched décor makes this bar one of the most welcoming for those searching for an authentic Cuban experience in the neighbourhood!

La Catrina

Last but not least, the restaurant La Catrina has been welcoming guests into a warm and authentic Mexican ambiance ever since its arrival to the neighbourhood. They are serving up some of the most gourmet dishes and cocktails around! Their very Instagrammable neon lights give the carefully coordinated Mexican décor a tasteful look that feels both modern and “underground”! And aside from their delicious tacos, you should also try their famous margarita, which will without a doubt give you that feeling of being on the white sands of paradise!

Hawaiian Cuisine

Aloha Espresso Bar

Inspired by Hawaiian delicacies, the Aloha Espresso Bar is a small corner of paradise for any café and healthy bowl junkie! Café Kona, Acai bowls, poké, gourmet sandwiches… Here, you can find everything necessary to fulfill your appetite during your breakfast or lunch break! Plus, this café also offers a loyalty program that will give their clients a discount from 10 to 15% off.

The Farsides

A recent addition to our neighbourhood this past December, Farsides is a magnificent restaurant that blends Hawaiian and Thai flavours! Enjoy the tropical menu of this Tiki bar, conceived by the award-winning executive chef, Athiraj Phrasavath, and share their delicious tester cocktails between friends for a well-deserved break after work!

European Cuisine


The refined dishes of the Italian restaurant Jacopo will no doubt be able to bring you comfort and warmth this winter! Inspired by rustic Roman trattorias and the biggest classics in Italian cuisine, this restaurant will show you a multitude of elaborate dishes made from fresh and seasonal ingredients, as well as specialty house-made charcuterie that will make your mouth water!

And during Happening Gourmand, taking place from January 16th to February 9th, Jacopo is offering table d’hôte menus at only 17$ for brunch and 29$ for supper!

Asian Cuisine

Inspired by Vietnamese street restaurants, Hà can transport you to Southeastern Asia with its gourmand menu and outstanding décor! Enjoy a trip to the Orient and experience the flavours this restaurant has to offer in traditional dishes from Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Our recommendation? The fried broccoli, whose light pan-fried crust completely rounds out the broccoli’s absolute tenderness. And if you’re feeling in the mood to party, the bar Nhau, situated below the restaurant, makes for the perfect glamourous, exotic soirée!

The 409

No one can resist the colours and flavours of Indian cuisine and culture, especially at the 409! More than just a simple meal, it is a gastronomic experience offered up by this restaurant with dishes and beverages that they have revisited to the great pleasure of Indian cuisine fans! Not to mention their interior that is completely reminiscent of the eclectic and animated streets of the big Indian cities. A delight on the eyes and the palate alike!

Flexitarian Cuisine

Hanna & Jenna

The restaurant Hanna & Jenna is the best place for those who want to eat healthier this year, without needing to deprive yourself! In this establishment where one’s well-being is a priority, you will discover the flexitarian style of cuisine and several savoury recipes crafted from products originating from safe and responsible agriculture.