17 Jan 2020

Time 3 minutes

Address Book: Cafés to Warm up at, From East to West

Address Book: Cafés to Warm up at, From East to West

Do you need some motivation to face January’s freezing cold? For that, nothing’s better than a good coffee! We’ve searched the neighbourhood from east to west – here are some establishments that will start your day off on the right foot!

Martine à la Gare

Located east of the neighbourhood on Berri Street, Martine à la Gare is a space at Viger Station where you can enjoy a coffee and a good breakfast before work. And it’s also a great place to organize your corporate events and attend workshops! With its inviting decor, its brick walls, and comfortable sofa, this place without a doubt feels like home! In addition, the café also offers a comforting lunch menu and diverse dishes, all prepared with fresh and local ingredients.

Café Olimpico

Cozy and sporting its signature look, Café Olimpico is the perfect place to reconnect with friends and make up for lost time over a good cup of coffee or a delicious cappuccino! Located on St-Vincent Street, this Italian-inspired establishment has become a landmark for bustling businesspeople, as well as for drained students looking for a place to recharge. With its premium coffees and feeling of authenticity, you can experience Italy itself in the heart of Old Montreal.

Paquebot Café

When talking about coffee, it’s impossible not to mention Paquebot Café! For years, this café has specialized in the sale of the essential elixir so necessary to starting the day properly! Additionally, they serve kombucha, invigorating matcha, bubble tea, and more… Through the seasons, this business on Saint-Laurent Boulevard continually offers a wide selection of original and tasty drinks to help you keep happy and healthy. And for those that consider themselves true coffee addicts, Paquebot Café also sells Zab, their house brand roast that consists of beans hand-selected by small producers all over the world, for whom quality lies at the heart of their production!


The architecture, plants, and atmosphere of Tommy makes it an essential stop in the neighbourhood, for both lovers of brunch and those who simply want to enjoy their morning coffee! And if you need inspiration, Tommy is also the ideal place to work in a warm environment while being surrounded by people who share your values. To experience this warm, welcoming ambience, head to Notre-Dame West Street or to one of the café’s other locations.

Crew Collective & Café

More than a co-working space, the Crew Collective & Café is a true community for professionals! This establishment, located on Saint-Jacques Street in the impressive former Royal Bank skyscraper, offers the perfect menu so you can tackle the workday with energy and motivation. If you want to work there, Crew Collective & Café also provides offices, meeting rooms and day passes so you can be more productive and let your creativity flow!


To start the day off right, nothing is better than a delicious Cuban coffee! Since its arrival in the neighbourhood, Cafecito has been attracting crowds with the quality of its coffee as well as the beauty of its very instagrammable pink and retro interior décor! Located in the west of the neighbourhood, in Multimedia City, this pretty Cuban café pays great attention to detail in order to satisfy its customers. It offers delicious snacks and pastries that are perfect for those with a sweet tooth!