23 Aug 2021

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Address Book: Back-to-School Accessories

Address Book: Back-to-School Accessories

Meant for the bigger kids out there – those adults that love back-to-school and those who need a bit of a push to hang up their summer sandals – here is a collection of addresses where you can find some accessories to help you get back into the swing of things at the office or during your remote work.

Bonjour Montreal: Get Organized and Motivated

Explore their excellent collection of mugs bearing motivating message after motivating message from the Montreal brand Oui Manon. From “Keep your head up”, to “You’re my favorite person”, and even “I promise, I’m listening”, there’s guaranteed to be a fitting message for you or one of your colleagues! We also love their notepads and folders for a colourful, top-notch organization that will inject a bit of fun into your work or school materials.

Mimi and August: Surround Yourself With Beauty

The first thing your eyes will be drawn to will doubtlessly be their colourful posters, conceived and designed by co-proprietor Camille. No need to seek the window for a break from your screen, these little works of art will open up a resolutely joyful view! After giving those a look, check out their “Café YO” mugs. Lightweight and original, you’ll never mix up your coffee at the office again! We love the nature motifs and colours of these very Instagrammable mugs. If you find that, like us, you can’t decide, collect all three! Finally, while you’re in their store, discover their collection of candles in cute, reusable containers like mugs or flower pots. A sweet smell in the office is a big YES!

Artisans Canada: Prepare Your Bag

Now that back-to-school has given us the perfect excuse, among the thousands of items here that we wanted to buy, we found ourselves drawn to the wacky notepads that help teach your child (or your inner child) how to organize themselves in a fun way! Who ever said that making lists had to be a prohibitive task?

And while we’re talking about it, you might strongly consider leaving with a new bag… this boutique has an exceptional leatherwork department: bags, wallets, and pouches made in-store. There’s something for everyone!

L’Empreinte: Get All Your Necessary Equipment

In this store that highlights local products, we love the ingenious items they stock that make organization easy: for children, they have notebooks, notepads, assorted pencil cases with cute patterns (pastel bunnies or does), and cases for pencils, brushes, or pastels with great wooden animal-shaped pieces. Of course, you can’t pass up a funky pair of laces to complete your child’s back-to-school look.

As for adults, you will surely fall in love with their bookmarks, quality pens, and maplewood pen boxes.

Pssst: They also have cute coffee and tea mugs made here that will give a little boost to your day!

Chat-Colate: Cat Lovers Unite

Chat-Colate proprietor Penny loves cats. And for those of you who share a passion for all things cats, this boutique-creamery is THE place to visit. They have cat cards to send a bit of positive energy your friends’ way, some cat stockings for when cooler temps start to poke their noses out, and cat-themed tote bags. We love their practicality and passion!

Le Magasin Général / Le Walk-In, In Search of Chic and Sleek

In their St-Paul Street boutique, you can find many models of bags from Canadian brands including Matt&Nat, Herschel, Colab, and Pixie Mood. With your choice of backpacks, shoulder bags, sling bags, and more, you will love their wide variety of styles and colours!

And with your return to the office or school on the horizon, think about getting a reusable bottle or mug. It’s an easily forgotten essential, and should definitely be explored here. Find the one for you among their multiple designs and materials!

And as a note, their stationery corner holds the normal notebooks, notepads, pens, pencils, and pencil cases, but is also well-furnished with high-tech gadgets, USB cables, phone chargers, and other cool stuff to look at.

Papeterie Casse-Noisette, Surround Yourself With the Best

Whether you’re searching for notebooks, a planner, paper, pens, pencils, or fountain pens, business owner Pierrette offers an oasis of style, refinement, and tradition where you can quickly snap up your essentials. Passionate fans of things like paper grain and lead thickness will find a helpful hand here to satisfy their needs and requests. And if you’re looking for a good back-to-school or office gift, this stationery shop is our recommendation.

Lunch-à-porter, Eat Better – Think Better

The world of zero waste lunches has developed considerably these past few years! Doubling up on Canadian and Japanese culture, this business’s owner Nobuko has been able to pull from these two worlds to offer a selection of rather unique lunch bags and lunchboxes!

Don’t hesitate to let them know what you’re looking for in a thermal lunch box to keep your food hot or cold, ask for some of their recipe books for dishes that are perfect for on-the-go eating, or ask for a furoshiki demonstration!

Young and old alike will find the kit perfect for them, and their quality is truly worth the detour.

Edition Objets Choisis, Depending on Design for Illumination

You can count on design as a major bonus when it comes to improving your productivity. For example, lamps with adjustable light levels, perfect for different times of the day, are a wonderful and practical addition to your study or workrooms. We should say that their lamp designed after an open book (“open” the book to light the lamp, then close it, and put it away on the shelf to see nothing but a normal book’s spine) counts itself among these illuminating objects… and not just for its function!

Note that this nice little shop also has great tailored stationery accessories you can use to decorate your office.

Nüspace, Crafting a Great Décor

In this colourful boutique, don’t forget your workplace or study room furniture: chairs, desks, lamps, and whatever else you may need for your Zoom meetings, or productivity improvement. You can’t go wrong here!

Always stylish in design, we love their “flat” reusable bottles that you can take everywhere. We like their original, yet practical shape: no thicker than a book, it slips easily into our already overstuffed bag with no problem.

NB: We are updating this list regularly, but if your business fits this theme and is not yet mentioned, write us so we can include it!