08 Oct 2021

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Address Book: Autumnal Culture

Address Book: Autumnal Culture

Address Book: Autumnal Culture

This article dedicated to exploring cultural and artistic events in the historic neighbourhood aims to help you harvest all the seasonal art you can before winter. In drizzly rain or crisp fall sun, the autumn season culture reigns in Old Montreal!

Museum spaces are bringing their best this season!

Candlelight, concerts by candlelight

The candlelight concerts at Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel are an absolutely magical experience, and shows are to be held all autumn long, each different from the rest. What they do have in common however is how quickly these tickets are going, so don’t wait on yours!

Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, and more: 19/10, 20/10, and 19/11

Vivaldi's Four Seasons: 17/11

Halloween, Haunted Compositions: 21/10, 22/10 (full), 26/10, 27/10, 30/10, 31/10

Music from Anime: 06/10, 18/11

Music from Films: 08/10 (full), 13/10, 20/11, 27/11

From Bach to Beatles: 14/10, 15/10 (full), 04/11, 06/11 (full), 16/11, and 25/11

Guidatour: See behind the scenes

Guidatour puts seasoned, passionate guides at your disposal for private tours of Old Montreal. They know the neighbourhood like no one else, this place where stories and history blend together. With easy to reserve appointments, this tailored experience is an excellent way to take advantage of the beautiful weather and (re)discover the secrets of le Vieux!

The “Old Montreal” Visit: History, architecture, heritage

The "Coup de coeur" Old Montreal Visit: History, anecdotes, and snack breaks

Centre Phi: Immersive expos and musical shows

Centre Phi makes art into an accessible multisensory experience with an undefinable taste of experimentalism, technology, and the avant-garde. Serving as a good bridge between artists and the public, here are two events that you shouldn’t miss:

Music show Frame of Fauna - Ouri: 27/10

Exhibit We live in an ocean of air ”: until 16/01

Basilique Notre-Dame: Aura is back!

The great and astounding show Aura, prepared by the Moment Factory teams, has returned to the Basilica. Discover an epic that will transport you far from your seat to another world...


Galleries of le Vieux have so much to see

Galerie Beauchamp, light and lamp!

On 13/11, Cynthia Coulombe Bégin’s biggest exhibit Le Corps à Coeur will take place in the Corno Gallery – the first time an exhibit this large has been shown here, apart from the one Corno himself has shown!

Take note: Galerie Beauchamp has teamed up with the company Arm2Aim and using their promo code BEAUCHAMP20, you can get a 25% discount on a rechargeable wireless lamp that will surely beautify your tables.

Galerie Le Hangart, 4 exhibits in 8 weeks

Between 04/10 and 14/11, at least 4 themed exhibits will be held in the Saint-Paul street gallery, four women from four different worlds. In Suggestion Subtile, artist L’OR, Louise Rouleau, plunges us into a figurative and abstract universe that’s big in Canada as well as the United States.

S16 Gallery: art, love, and a quest

Being Love is the first solo international exhibit by Jeremy Brown, an artist born in Cape Town in South Africa and currently based out of Atlanta. Across twenty new mixed-media works, the artist translates his ponderings and reflections on love, identity, unity, and the quest for happiness. Known for the lively colours and vibrant messages in his pieces, his exhibit is one you need to see, taking place from 14/10 to 04/11.