12 Aug 2022

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5 Meals On The Go in the Old Montreal

5 Meals On The Go in the Old Montreal

Do you have a burning urge to have a picnic, but you’re a bit tired of the sandwiches you have day in and day out at school or the office? Here are some addresses you can visit to make a different meal you can eat on the go, to be eaten in the enchanting setting of Old Montreal or even on your own terrace at home.

1 - A Juicy Burger

Five Guys, 468 McGill Street

The Montreal outpost of this American chain, numbering nearly 2,000 restaurants around the globe, uses ingredients that are never frozen and hamburger patties made by hand! At Five Guys, you can get their generously sized hamburgers to which you can add all the toppings that make you drool. We also go crazy for their cajun seasoned fries and decadent milkshakes that come in fruit flavours, chocolate, salted caramel… even bacon! The things these Americans come up with! Their menu also has some vegetarian options.

2 - A Savoury Crêpe

Muru, 362 Notre-Dame Street East

At Muru, you can grab a salty or sweet crêpe, garnished with stuff like goat cheese, mushrooms, or a white wine Dijon sauce; or on the other side, toppings like strawberries whipped cream, or Nutella… And to slake your thirst, you have your choice from an impressive list of hot and iced drinks: classic or whipped lattes, smoothies, and the very trendy cold-brew coffee…

3 - Refreshing Sushi

Le Comptoir Sushi et Prêt-à-manger, 36 Notre-Dame Street East

Are the sweltering temps of summer getting you down? Succumb to the tastes of a super fresh meal, courtesy of Le Comptoir Sushi et Prêt-à-manger! They have the classic Japanese bite-sized meals, as well as spring rolls and poké bowls. This address has hundreds of loyal fans that swear by their futomaki and nigiri. Vegetarians will also find food for them here.

4 - A Delicious Lobster Roll

Pincette Lobster Bar, 94 Saint-Paul Street East

Newcomer to the neighbourhood within the last few months, Pincette has already touched the hearts of the Montreal gastronomic elite. For our picnics, we love coming here for a lobster roll, or maybe the beer-battered fried cod and tempura shrimp tacos. A must for seafood lovers!

5 - A Crisp Slice of Pizza

Slice + Soda, 201 Saint-Paul Street West

There’s no lack of creativity in this original chain, having reinvented the traditional pizza and carbonated drinks! Among our favourites at Slice + Soda: the veggie slice with roasted kale, and the nicely spicy Calabrian charcuterie. We love the organic sodas too, made with natural ingredients and with no added sugars.

6- A Little Bit Extra

Ocha, 44 Notre-Dame Street East

Ocha is a word that means “tea” in Japanese and “delicious” in Thai. This address could not have a more fitting name, as they have a tonne of options to satisfy your cravings for Asian food. Dozens of different boba tea flavours await, several of which are vegan. You should try out their bingsu, a Korean shaved ice dessert that you can top with jelly orbs, cereal, candy, or Pocky cookies. It’s a dream!

Are you more on team ice cream? Old Montreal has it all! From soft serve, all the way to hard pack, gelato, sorbet, cones, scoops, or bars… For our top picks, look at the article we made about it here.

N.B.: Could your business be mentioned here but is not yet included? Don’t hesitate to write us at info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com and we’ll be happy to put it in the list.

Photo: LBTDU