06.07.2022 – 31.07.2022


Pathway 2: Marco Brambilla

Pathway 2: Marco Brambilla

06.07.2022 – 31.07.2022

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Centre PHI and the fifteenth anniversary of the PHI Foundation, the three entities in PHI (Centre PHI, the PHI Foundation, and Studio PHI) are coming together to offer a series of summer programming pathways. They will allow you to discover contemporary and digital works of art through varied and unique programming.

Pathway 2: Marco Brambilla comprises two exhibits and we suggest starting with Heaven’s Gate and finishing with the free programming from Centre PHI.

Heaven’s Gate is an immersive digital work created by Marco Brambilla, a videographer exposing relatable subjects. Ponder over seven digital artworks inspired by the seven cardinal sins. It’s presented as both an immersive installation and in a virtual reality experience. You will see film clips that form a “digital totem” that makes you reflect on themes of consumerism and excess. You’ll surely recognize elements the have become common memes in popular culture. This experience runs on an infinite loop, but the overall duration is around six minutes.

The second stop of the pathway is the free summer exhibit at Centre PHI, INVERSE. This experimental documentary by Nicolas Jenkins highlights our understanding of “the fluidity and changing nature of gender and sexuality”thanks to the collaboration of several participants from queer communities in New York.

Please note that for the virtual reality experience it is possible to wear glasses, but contact lenses are advised. This experience is free for children 8 and under, but be aware that the work does contain scenes of nudity.

Cost: $10 - Get your ticket

Location: Centre PHI


• Marco Brambilla: Heaven’s Gate

Centre PHI, Saint-Paul Street West, Montreal, QC, Canada