07.07.2022 – 01.09.2022


Summer Isles: Work Outside and Enjoy le Vieux

Summer Isles: Work Outside and Enjoy le Vieux

07.07.2022 – 01.09.2022

Montreal has become a leader in this new concept backed by OBNL Ilot 84. Its project Aire Commune has expanded its footprint of work islets once again this year to respond to a growing success.

What does it entail? Open cabins have been installed around the city, offering WiFi connectivity from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.and cables to connect your electronics so that you can work all day!

The concept of workspaces in the city brings several advantages, as OBNL outlines on their site: “whether you’re in a natural or an urban setting, the benefits of working outside (greendesking) are numerous: stress reduction, stimulated creativity, and renewed mental energy are only a few examples of proven virtues of working outdoors.”

Ready to jump in? You can find two locations in Old Montreal

  • Near 406 St-Jacques Street
  • Ephemeral Park (Cité du Multimédia, at the corner of Queen and Wellington)

And if you want to try out working in Old Montreal at a café or one of these islets, we also have an article that lists several good places to check out to make the most of your summer in le Vieux, vacation or otherwise!

Photo: Website of Aire Commune

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