02.03.2023 – 14.05.2023


Exhibitions - Fonderie Darling

Exhibitions - Fonderie Darling

02.03.2023 – 14.05.2023

Fonderie Darling is a space that allows for various visual arts exhibitions in order to support the creation, production and dissemination of current artworks. Until mid-May, four exhibitions are presented inside this vast establishment.

Amélie Laurence Fortin / Yarn of a Short Night

The artist presents a triad of works around the exploration of territory and time. This exhibition was created following a kayaking expedition at sea, crossing 3,000 kilometers from Alaska to Vancouver in icy water. Following this journey, Amélie questioned the immensity of the world and how humans position themselves in the face of the world's forces.

Sandra Volny / Fossiles Sonores

Sandra Volny questioned how humans perceive sounds and their nuances in reaction to noisier sounds, as opposed to silence and background noise. The artist uses the term "sonic residue" to describe the sounds of past events that leave traces in our spaces. She presents thirteen steel monoliths that are "colourful and textured imprint of an original sample of vibrations collected with seismographs in the Antarctica ice sheet by a team of scientists."


This exhibition is a platform for reading that bears witness to "the multiplicity of practices, techniques, and modes of theoretical intelligence that inform contemporary poetics." The study of the tension between poetry and poièsis allows us to take into account its current transformations while drawing attention to philosophical, political, artistic and scientific problems and experiences.

An Chorong / Woman Lying by the Window

This work is located behind the reception area of Fonderie Darling and presents a portrait of the artist's friend. She can be seen half awake in the artist's living room in Seoul. Originally presented on a double-page spread, it now takes shape on seventy-two pages that make it blurry and "amateurish" referring to the process of assembling the books.

N.B.: Schedules and more details can be found directly on the company's website.

Photo: Sandra Volny - Fonderie Darling

Fonderie Darling, Rue Ottawa, Montréal, QC, Canada