Cookies are small text files installed on your computer by the websites and/or the applications you visit or use. Cookies allow us to improve user experience on our websites. For example, they can enable us to save your language preferences for the next time you visit.

The information collected by cookies allows us to:

  • Adapt our websites to your personal needs;
  • In some notification cases, possibly remember notifications you have already viewed so that they do not appear again;
  • Improve and update our websites in line with your expectations regarding their use.

We generally do not use cookies that allow for the recognition of your name, your address, or other such information.


We use the following categories of cookies:

Category 1: Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies allow you to browse our websites and avail yourself of their features, such as accessing secure areas of the site. Without these cookies, you would not be able to take full advantage of all the features of our websites.

Category 2: Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how you use our websites, allowing us to make improvements on them in the future. For example, they collect information about the pages you visit most and any error messages you may encounter. The information gathered by these cookies is completely anonymous. They do not collect any information that could identify you personally.

  • Google Analytics (Universal): We use Google Universal Analytics to track the performance of our website as well as visitor activity in order to tailor our content to meet expectations.
  • Hotjar: We use Hotjar to validate the design of our website as well as to ensure that user experience is in line with expectations and that the site offers the best possible experience to our visitors. We also use it to conduct surveys on our pages and to collect feedback from users when they choose to share it with us.

Category 3: Functional cookies

Functional cookies enable us to offer you a more personalized experience. The information collected by these cookies does not allow for you to be recognized by your name, address, or other such information. Under no circumstances can they record your browsing data on other websites.

Category 4: Advertising/targeted or social media cookies

We and our service providers may use advertising cookies, or cookies from social networks such as Facebook and TikTok, to present you with advertisements that we believe may be relevant to you and your interests.

For example, we may use advertising/targeted cookies to personalize the advertising and content you encounter on our websites, to limit the number of times the same advertisement is presented to you on our sites, and to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. These include:

  • Facebook Pixel: We use the Facebook pixel tracker to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns on the Facebook platform;
  • Google Ads: We use the Google Ads pixel tracker to measure the effectiveness of campaigns on the Google Ads platform;
  • TikTok: We use the TikTok pixel tracker to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns on the TikTok platform.

No information that may reveal your name, address or other such information is stored on any of the platforms mentioned above.