27 Mar 2024

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Old Montreal: Special Places for that Magical Rendezvous

Old Montreal: Special Places for that Magical Rendezvous

Since the old quarter can easily lay claim to being THE romantic neighbourhood of our fair city par excellence, we’ve put together a handful of destinations dear to the locals for when they really want to impress their significant other. Dinner on the river, terrasse with a view, a tucked-away speakeasy or private tea ceremony, here’s an unconventional and love-filled address book done in the style of “those who know, know”.

Daytime address book

Massages, Nordic baths and gourmet snacks on the river

Couple’s massage and Nordic baths on the intimate and “cozy chic” decks of the Bota Bota; how can you not fall in love while gazing “together, in the same direction” at the beauty of Old Montreal laid out before you? Prolong your delightful stay in this haven of well-being by treating yourselves to a visit to this one-of-a-kind spa boat’s onboard restaurant, La Traversée. We have to admit, enjoying a bite in a bathrobe on the river, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, is a special little luxury we wouldn’t want you to miss.

Private photography workshop in Old Montreal

Immortalize a smile, capture a moment, and relive the emotion over and over again. This is perhaps the perfect activity for developing a beautiful bond that lasts; whether in front of a digital or analog camera, all the “focus” is placed directly on you and the one you love! So take advantage of Photo Service’s private courses, and start working on those personal archives together with some new know-how and photography flair!

See you in the sewers

The Pointe-à-Callière museum is inviting you to descend into the very bowels of Montreal and immerse yourselves in a “multisensory, contemplative experience” decidedly like no other. Oh, and not to worry; we may be talking about the city’s sewers, but there’s absolutely nothing that stinks about this romantic outing. With Memory Collector, feast your eyes and ears on mesmerizing light projections cast upon underground stone walls and a soundtrack specially created in honour of the very first collector sewer built in North America. An artistic stroll through the history of Montreal in the half-light… Who could ask for more?

Japanese tea ceremony for two

Sometimes, bonds are best strengthened by sharing a delicious moment of serenity suspended in time. In a room dedicated to this revered Japanese art in the heart of Old Montreal, Reina Sakao, a fourth-generation tea expert born in Tokyo, masterfully orchestrates an altogether transportive experience for partakers, one that you will share between yourselves like a well-guarded secret. To keep the magic going after you’ve fallen in love with this traditional Japanese tea ceremony, you can also purchase matcha, chasen and tea bowls that your host imports directly from Japan. Simply notify her when booking, ideally 2 weeks in advance.

Nighttime address book

Tête-à-tête on the river

If it’s time to pull out all the stops, hop on board Le Bateau Mouche for their Frosted Evening, a bewitching soirée that is guaranteed to get both of your hearts beating as one just a little bit faster. Should the idea of a splendid dinner on the water surrounded by the wintery beauty of the Old Port speak to you – it certainly does to us – don’t hesitate to make a reservation for a 3, 4, 5 or 6-service menu and then, “in a modern and elegant decor, let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere and fairytale panoramas of Montreal.”

A romantic terrasse for a 5 à 7 among the rooftops

When daylight fades, and the city and river are bathed in a golden, rosy-flushed glow, the Terrasse William Gray is without a doubt where you want to be toasting it all. Not to worry if it’s still a bit chilly out; their private domes will be available right until the end of March/beginning of April, offering you a cozy little bubble to enjoy together before the summer installations are up and running around mid-April. In other words? For a magical rendezvous way up above, this terrasse is ready to charm you and that special person all year round!

A discreet speakeasy on the outside, full of life on the inside

The Grotto, a Saint-Jacques Street speakeasy open from “8 p.m. until late”, holds tight to its promise when it comes to “opening the door to the unexpected”. Intimate and tucked away, this is the ideal setting for a confidential heart-to-heart over exquisite and original cocktails, each one more beautiful than the last. All you have to do is follow the neon arrow and just let Cupid do the rest.

Overnight and morning-after address book

Head in the stars, hearts in your eyes: Lovely places to sleep and brunch

To crown a wonderful day or end your evening by making the magic last, the new Hyatt, which overlooks the river on one side and the magnificent Gare Viger on the other (you know, the building with a princess’s castle vibe), is an excellent option. Between a cocktail on the 14th floor terrasse and a delightful weekend brunch at the hotel’s Cartier Arms restaurant, we can happily say that we love and recommend both.

A night of dreams and a brunch to match, right in the heart of Old Montreal

With their Lovers’ Stay package, the Hôtel Place d’Armes is proposing a reduction on the price of their suites, a complimentary bottle of wine, breakfast in bed or at Brasserie 701, as well as a sweet and salty platter to snack on in the comfort of your room. And as for the Brasserie 701 brunch menu, we fell head over heels for their irresistible chicken and waffles – how can one possibly not with that heavenly combination of crispy fried chicken and sweet maple, served with sunny-side-up eggs and breakfast potatoes? For another delectable way to start a romantic day, feel free to go for the smoked salmon or the vegetarian eggs benedict. Again, the stuff of dreams.

And finally, if you’ve chosen to stay the night in an Old Montreal hotel but prefer to embark on your own coffee-and-croissant-hunting mission, we just so happen to have the perfect guide to steer you in the right direction. Enjoy!

Photos: The Grotto - Terrasse William Gray - Sara Megan - Brasserie 701 - Sakao

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