25 Apr 2024

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Mother’s Day, Father’s Day: Our Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day: Our Gift Ideas

This year, we at the SDC Vieux-Montréal have decided to group our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift ideas together, doing so according to specific themes, affinities and interests. Thus, without any further ado, we give you our lovingly selected 2024 recommendations “for the parents”!


Art is like a postcard straight from the heart for those who are passionate about it, so here is a little something to express your feelings creatively and in gift form.

  • Iris Galerie proposes an idea that is as original as it is eye-catching: artwork that is quite literally you… or your parents! All you have to do is come and get a photo of your iris taken, and voilà, a print as unique as you are!

  • Éditions | Objets choisis is an enchanting little trove of beautiful and – as the name suggests – tastefully curated objects. Here, their vast selection of decorative items and jewellery will give you plenty to choose from for Mom or Dad. Our favourite? The 3D-printed vases… to be filled with a lovely bouquet, of course!

  • Carré d’artistes is a gallery that aims to democratize art while promoting its featured artists at the same time. Situated at 20 Saint-Paul Street West, this creative hub is part of a network of over 40 galleries across the globe passionately dedicated to contemporary art. Their formula? “Small artworks at sweet prices, large artworks for a wow effect!” And to help you choose, you can filter your search through their online catalogue by genre or artist, or by asking your local curator for advice.


Long live the love of good things. Sometimes it’s handed down from generation to generation, sometimes tastes develop independently, but whatever the case, great food always brings us together.

  • Ateliers & Saveurs specializes in cooking and cocktail workshops, an excellent option for epicureans looking to discover new tricks and tips directly from the pros.

  • Sauces, books, ingredients. For all their fans out there, Mandy’s has everything needed to recreate those beloved recipes back at home, in the comfort of your own kitchen.

  • Architecture plus good eats in Old Montreal? That’s exactly what Guidatour is proposing with its unmissable culinary tour. In groups of six people, follow a certified and passionate guide as you discover the historic quarter one step at a time, bite after bite!

  • A dinner to share at Gibbys, an Old Montreal institution if there ever was one, is a guaranteed winner. Here, gastronomy and the art of great service go hand in hand to meet the expectations of the most discerning of gourmets.

  • For vegan parents or curious foodies who want to sample some superb botanical cuisine, go ahead and make a reservation at Bloom Sushi. With Chef Christian Ventura at the helm, a true adept of the texture and flavour arts, a meal here is always an exquisiteness to remember.

  • Indulge in an exquisite brunch experience at GaZette - the restaurant in the former Gazette newspaper premises. For only $59, savor a vast selection of dishes, breads, and desserts, including sweet and savory gourmet options. From the chef's station with salmon coulibiac in a white butter sauce with dill and Meyer lemon to the oven station and the crème brûlée, every aspect of your meal will surely delight your senses.


For those parents who would rather live something than have something, a memorable experience is the best gift you can offer, and Old Montreal sure knows how to deliver!

  • A burlesque dinner at Bord’elle is full of surprises, dazzling and definitely unique, all wrapped up in one great time!

  • A rest, relaxation and disconnection interlude at the spa, enjoying a massage and Nordic baths alone or as a pair; this is sometimes exactly what our parents need. And if you want to throw in a spectacular view of Old Montreal while you’re at it, think Bota Bota.

  • For those who just enjoy staying at home, we love the idea of a put-it-together-yourself gift box, courtesy of Maison Pépin. Here, for example, you’ll find a scented candle, some select tea and a linen bathrobe; a perfect combination to lend some luxurious joy to one’s day-to-day. And if you’re having trouble making up your mind, don’t hesitate to ask a member of the staff for help creating an ensemble that will best suit your mom or dad.

  • How about some language courses to prepare for that next trip or just for the sheer pleasure of learning? Always a great plan, we say! GrandMaison Language School proposes a variety of languages and packages to choose from, including private lessons.

  • For those globetrotting parents out there, the specialists at Voyageurs du Monde offer a concierge service and thematic trips on all continents, tailored for all budgets and durations. Time to live life to its fullest, stress-free!

Good books!

  • In addition to a wide range of cameras, lenses and accessories, Photo Service also deals in photography books featuring the works of the greats. Inspiration or admiration, shutterbug parents are sure to be won over.

  • The Point-à-Callière Museum and its boutique are a veritable gold mine when it comes to educational, cultural and original gifts. An amazing collection or an exhibition catalogue (with, why not, a pair of tickets slipped inside), we come here to discover not only what’s showing but also beautiful books that are as enjoyable to consult as they are to have as decoration.

  • Bertrand Bookstore is a literary treasure house, proposing a wide selection of French and English works in all genres. One thing we can say for sure: do not hesitate to ask the staff for help. The customer service here is consistently excellent, and their expert recommendations are always on point.

Family time!

Some parents love doing things as a family first and foremost. For those moms and dads, here are a few experiences to be lived and enjoyed… with the kids!

  • A/Maze, where the art of combining problem-solving and communication skills is the key to making your escape!

  • The MTL Zipline is there for everyone to share in the adrenalized fun of gliding through the air, high up above our beautiful Old Port!

Photos: Bota Bota - Librairie Bertrand - Mandys - Bloom Sushi - Gibbys - Carré d’artistes

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