30 Nov 2023

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Your Winter Staycation: Where Do I Stay in Old Montreal?

Your Winter Staycation: Where Do I Stay in Old Montreal?

Old Montreal is the perfect neighbourhood for a journey that isn’t so far from home, bursting with luxurious hotels, exquisite restaurants, and corners of the city that brilliantly celebrate its art and history!

Last update: November 30, 2023

Le Petit Hôtel, 168, Saint-Paul Street Westt

Make yourself at home at Le Petit Hôtel! This establishment distinguishes itself by fusing historic architecture with modern, comfortable furnishings. Plus, Le Petit Hôtel offers incredible packages for a festive getaway during the holiday season. For example, the Winter Getaway package includes one night's accommodation at a reduced rate, two visits to the Old Port of Montreal skating rink, ice skate rentals and a bottle of wine in the room. Everything you need for a unique winter adventure in the heart of the historic district!

InterContinental Montréal, 360 Saint-Antoine Street West

On Old Montreal’s doorstep, the InterContinental tower overlooks the World Trade Centre. This chic and timeless building is an unmistakable institution to the neighbourhood, and has offered its visitors a more luxurious stay for more than 30 years. Some of its perks include a salt water pool, a modern gym, and massages. Plus, you can’t forget about the Sarah B. bar (named for the legendary French actress Sarah Bernhardt) where you can discover the spirit absinthe, as well as the restaurant Osco! which offers warming cuisine straight out of a southern French market. Plus, to celebrate the holidays, the hotel offers a winter package for unique getaways. Experience a cozy cabin atmosphere at the hotel!

Hotel Uville, 204 Place d’Youville

If you’re a history buff, you need to book a stay at Hotel Uville, which will fling you back into the 1960’s and 70’s with its spectacular décor. Each room is unique and serves as a mini-exhibit on the history of this metropolis, including stories, photos, and videos from the National Film Office. And another thing that made us fall in love: each room is equipped with a turntable and a collection of vinyls. For the whole experience, we chased our exploration of the past by visiting the Pointe-à-Callière Museum just nearby.

Hotel Bonaparte, 447 Saint-François-Xavier Street

Do you have a weakness for refinement? The Bonaparte delivers an eyeful of it, with high ceilings, wooden floors, and warm brick walls. Built in 1886, this establishment sits in the centre of the neighbourhood, right near all the must-see attractions. We love this place because it lets us roam le Vieux at night, allowing us to fully admire the irresistible lit decorations dotting the roads during the winter season. On the hotel restaurant’s menu: French cuisine that is both classic and comforting.

Hotel St Paul, 355 McGill Street

Does art and design hold a special place in your heart? You should immediately reserve a spot at Hotel St Paul. Open since 2001, this was the country’s very first hotel-boutique! You can grab a drink at the bar @Pol, whose décor is largely inspired by an absurdist humour, with the walls festooned with works by artists from here and abroad. We also recommend a detour to the boutique, Ana Coca, where they have collected some interesting and sophisticated items, including luxury dishes made from local gourmet products, stationery, and beauty and skin care products. And one more thing for the agenda: a visit to some of the town’s many art galleries and Centre PHI, which is just a stone’s throw from St Paul.

Hotel Gault, 449 Sainte-Hélène

Hotel Gault is a port in the storm, where you can really feel at home. This 30-suite hotel occupies a building constructed in 1871 by Andrew F. Gault, a fabric wholesaler and haberdasher. Now, this hotel has been modernized with a new progressive branding that gives this iconic Old Montreal institution some real charisma. It’s also worth checking out the delicious and refined European-inspired brunch menu at Restaurant Gault.

Hotel Nelligan, 106 Saint-Paul West

Do you want to make your holidays memorable? Then look no further than Hotel Nelligan, situated in Old Montreal for more than 20 years now. The name of this place is of course a reference to the legendary Quebec poet Émile Nelligan. They also have several offers available to celebrate the holiday season. The hotel’s steakhouse, Méchant Boeuf, boasts special menus just for the occasion. Built in the 19th century, this building is only a few minutes away from the Old Port, an ideal place for a peaceful stroll.

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Photos: Geneviève Giguère (1- Hotel Gault, 2-3- Hotel Bonaparte, 4- InterContinental, 5- Hotel St Paul, 6- Hotel Uville, 7- Hotel Nelligan)