31 Mar 2023

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2023 Springtime Cultural Excursions in Old Montreal

2023 Springtime Cultural Excursions in Old Montreal

A revitalizing breeze blows once more through the city as nicer days arrive! Now’s the time to take advantage of the warmer weather to plan a day out, be it a concert or a trip to the theatre. Beyond getting to roam the streets of Old Montreal, these excursions will allow you to check out all the new exhibits being put on in the neighbourhood.

Getting an Eyeful

At Galerie LeRoyer, you can admire the works of American artist Alexander Calder, whose most well-known creations are definitely his mobiles, embodiments of lightness and fantasy. Does his name sound familiar? That may be because this ingenious artist is responsible for the spectacular Trois disques sculpture, located in St. Helen’s Island, created for Expo 67.

What’s new in Centre Phi: The Chaos and Memories exhibit includes an immersive British creation, as well as four award-winning virtual reality works straight from Taiwan. On the menu: transforming landscapes, dream exploration, magical creatures, the world-shaking experience of political prisoners, and childhood memories.

Reserve some time for yourself to take a virtual reality tour through the neighborhood. Stop by PHI Foundation to see Missing Black Technofossils Here, from artist Quentin VerCetty, that takes on the lack of representation of people of African origin in the public sphere. We are also invited to take photos and videos during our walk, allowing us to participate in the creation of new “techno fossils”. Intriguing, don’t you think?

One unmissable stop for museum lovers is at Pointe-à-Callière. This museum is holding a grand inauguration of its new exhibit on April 20th: Egypt: Three Thousand Years on the Nile. This is an immersive tour including 300 objects describing this millennia-old society up until its Roman conquest. On display: worker’s tools, everyday objects, jewellery, sculptures, sarcophagi, mummies, and more… It’s a fascinating trip to the past!

Fonderie Darling is a place where different visual arts exhibitions are presented in order to support the creation, production and dissemination of artworks. Until mid-May, four exhibitions are presented inside this vast establishment. Notably, the work behind Fonderie Darling’s reception desk which features a portrait of the An Chorong’s friend half awake in her living room in Seoul. Originally presented on a double-page spread, it now takes shape on seventy-two pages referring to the process of assembling books.

To discover the best of contemporary art in Canada, come to the contemporary art fair, Plural, formerly known as Foire Papier. You will find more than 45 art galleries from 8 Canadian cities in one place. The artists and works have been carefully selected to be "a showcase for the general public on the best of contemporary art in the country." An event not to be missed from April 21 to 23.

On the Stage

Two productions have captured our attention at Centaur Theatre. Presented in English for the very first time, the play King Dave is not to be missed! Written by Alexandre Goyette and adapted in collaboration with Anglesh Major, who starred in the French version, this hard-hitting spectacle recounts the story of a young man from north Montreal whose life unravels following a rash of bad decisions. It is a breathtaking thriller, that allows for a reflection on current themes, like racism and armed violence. This role is being played by the very talented Patrick Emmanuel Abellard, who is also responsible for the work’s translation.

If you’ve never heard of the works of Ronnie Burkett, you now have the chance to see this Canadian puppeteer as he travels to town beginning May 2nd, as he puts on his show Little Willy. It’s impossible to resist these fun and irreverent creations this artist has made, which draw inspiration from the classic love story Romeo and Juliet.

The mythical Cirque du Soleil is back under the Big Top with a brand-new show called ECHO combining poetry, stage art, high-flying acrobatics and technology. You will follow the story of Future and his friends, who discover that their actions and decisions can shape the world and unite to rebuild a planet in their image. This show will immerse you in a unique and colorful universe that emphasizes the importance of empathy and optimism, as well as the power of invention.

250th Anniversary of Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours Chapel

You should make your way to the Marguerite-Bourgeoys Historical Site and take part in the festivities surrounding the anniversary of the first stone-built chapel in the city, which receives about 300,000 visitors annually. On the program: conferences, announcements about the future of the institution, activities related to the 3rd annual Montreal History Festival (May), as well as an unabridged oratorio about the life of the founder, a creation by Maria Jimenez (May).

The occasion also brings about the showing of the museum’s all new exhibit taking place in the chapel: Claude Lafortune’s Noah’s Ark, starting May 25th. This is the first time that the works of this television animator and paper sculptor have been shown on Montreal soil. These creations that have enchanted children will bring up good memories to those of you who grew up in the 80’s, as the shows he worked on – Parcelles de soleil and L’Évangile en papier – had a lot of success on the small screen.

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Photos 1-3 : Sara Megan, photo 4 : Musée Pointe-à-Callière