29 Nov 2021

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Old Montreal Places for Relaxation and Self-Care

Old Montreal Places for Relaxation and Self-Care

Updated on January 16, 2023

In order to recharge your batteries, you should pause and take some time for yourself. Spend some time away from your crazy daily routine and let yourself be pampered. Devote some time to finally making the appointments you keep pushing back again and again. Here are some vital addresses in the historic neighbourhood for some self care!

Revitalizing Treatments – To Feel Better in Your Skin

Avie Spa, 447 Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Avie Spa has everything you could want under one roof! This business is situated inside the Marriott Spring Hills Suite, and provides wonderful massages, facial and body treatments, manicures, pedicures, waxing, hair styling and makeup, and more. The spa has also received the Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence five years running. Visit their website to find out their weekly deal!

Dermalogica, 132 McGill

Dermalogica specialises in skin issues… or rather, in solutions for your skin issues! Which becomes steadily more important as winter approaches! “Our favorite care treatment for cold-damaged skin is the Proskin 60 ($120), a completely personalized treatment. For skin sensitive to the changing seasons, we also love using the Melting Moisture Masque during our treatments, which is also available for home use!” explains Jessica Mabro, advising specialist. If you don’t know what is right for you, you can make a free skin analysis appointment for all seasonal changes.

Dermapure, 506 McGill

This establishment presents itself as a kind of “gym for the skin”, and we would like to recommend the Bela MD treatment for a bit of festivity: deep cleaning, exfoliation, electromechanical stimulation, hydrogenated water penetration, electroporation and hydration — this new little place has everything you could want! “And if those aren’t effective, we have our Clear & Brilliant lasers which are soft on the skin, but work powerfully to adjust skin tone, texture, and small wrinkles,” says Magali Roy, head of Dermapure marketing. We love the fact that this is a local business! Products are made in Quebec by biochemists and are sold exclusively in their clinics or their online store.

O’ Folie Salon & Spa, 235 Notre-Dame West

O’Folie Salon & Spa is devoted to their mission to harmonize the body and mind. And to this end, they are offering you a vast selection of services, ranging from massages to eyelash extensions, hair colouring, and hair removal (via wax or electrolysis).

Massages – To Relax the Body and Mind

Spa William Gray, 421 Saint-Vincent

Spa William Gray is a luxury spa that offers, among other services, its Signature William Gray treatment, based on ancient therapeutic rituals to achieve an unequaled level of physical and mental relaxation, all while stimulating your metabolism and purifying your system. While laying on a heated Gharieni bed, sand will mold to your body as the soft wrap envelops you in wonderful feelings. It is 100 minutes well-invested.

Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montréal, 71 de la Commune West

At Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montréal, you will enjoy an authentic urban Scandinavian bath experience, all within Montreal’s historic neighbourhood. Here, you enter the silence of an ellipsis, where time slows and all you need is a bathing suit – which they also have on-site, allowing you to come in on a whim, without carrying in a thing! Whether you’re here for the baths or a massage, you will leave here reinvigorated and relaxed.

Bota Bota spa-sur-l’eau, 535 de la Commune West

Bota Bota spa-sur-l’eau offers the classic massages like Californian and Swedish, but they also have discovery massages, like yoga-thai and lomi-lomi nui. They’re all top-notch, but let’s be honest – what we love the most is its portside location. It really lets you become one with the river covered in winter snow, makes you feel like you can relax and let go of the baggage you carry with you day to day. And it’s only a few short steps from the quay. True peace is found at Bota Bota.

Hair Cuts, Colouring, and Capillary Treatments – To Revive Your Natural Spark

L’Atelier Coiffure & Esthétique, 387 Saint-Paul Street West

The trio of ladies heading up this oasis of beauty has created an address that’s really handy to know. These passionate individuals are always on the cutting edge of the latest trends, and can tell you exactly what you need to know for the upcoming winter season. “We love the Kerastase moisturizer for dry scalps. It is formulated with Vitamin C & prebiotics to hydrate and increase overall hair health,” explains Francesca Demers, salon co-owner. “As for beauty treatments, our new hydrafacial treatment combines several skin care technologies: hydradermabrasion, peeling, extraction, light therapy, and more. The process and the products work for all kinds of skin, and if clients aren’t totally sure, we offer a personalized health assessment for treatments adapted to their skin type. And the best part is you’ll leave with your personalized serum, created in the salon, specifically for their skin’s primary and secondary needs.” Good to know: they also offer nail care, for a complete beauty makeover!

Studio MW, 400 McGill

Studio MW has been serving Old Montreal since 2005. This top-of-the-line hair salon has a passionate team ready to offer you a personalized hair styling experience. Plus, the salon has received the “Greencircle Salon” distinction, meaning that 85-95% of their waste is recycled. In industry, this is a great advancement that we love to encourage! And they are also dog-friendly, so you can bring Spot, Fido, and the gang to really brighten the salon team’s day. Professionals that love healthy hair, the planet, AND dogs? That’s a yes from us!

Privé par David D’Amours, 360 Notre-Dame West

PRIVÉ par David D’Amours is without a doubt one of the least well-kept secrets in the city, considering the sheer number of Quebecois stars that go to them! We love the warm, intimate atmosphere that will make you forget your troubles the moment your treatment starts. There’s even a place just for taking pictures after your cut, style, or colour… Why not start out there, and get a before and after?

Other Ways to Care for Yourself

Dentistes du Vieux-Port, 63 de la Commune West

Dentistry clinic Dentistes du Vieux-Port offers a variety of treatments; they have general treatments like dental exams and cleanings – should be done a minimum of once a year – as well as specific treatments like periodontics (gum treatments); aesthetic treatments, like veneers; and orthodontic treatments such as bridges or Invisalign. It’s a pretty great way to start the year with a smile!

Toro Holistic Health Center, 438 Saint-Hélène

The holistic and alternative medicine service center Toro Holistic Health Center will take care of you through its different approaches like naturopathy, acupuncture, méditation, Reiki, and much more. To get to know this healing art better, you can reach them at 514-940-0240.

N.B.: Is your business also a perfect place for relaxation and self-care? If you believe it could fit well into this list, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com, and we would be happy to include it.

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