28 May 2023

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Mocktails that won’t disappoint in Old Montreal

Mocktails that won’t disappoint in Old Montreal

Gone are the days when non-alcohol drinkers had to make do with a soft drink or sparkling water when they went out to the bars and restaurants of Old Montreal! Today, the options are many, bold and, above all, delicious! Fruity notes, virgin classics, herbaceous or spicy flavors... Here are the addresses to visit for unforgettable mocktails.

Open-air evenings

We've missed Le Perché and its spectacular terrace! Once again this summer, this restaurant, nestled on the fourth floor of the Hôtel William Gray, offers a fabulous view of the neighborhood, to be enjoyed with a Loko with passion fruit, lime and pineapple, or a Conduzco with lemon, ginger beer and hibiscus.

The range of non-alcoholic beverages on offer at Jardin Nelson is extensive, making it an essential part of our Montreal summers. On the menu are frosted fruit cocktails, classic Bloody Mary, Caesar and virgin Mojito, homemade lemonades and iced teas, as well as beer and wine.

On the grill

Keg Steakhouse + Bar's grilled meats are accompanied by some very tasty mocktails! Will you opt for the Caesar spiced up with a house blend of spices, or the Mule with green tea, lime and ginger beer?

The Trône restaurant offers a generous menu of mocktails, why not try them on the indoor terrace? Our favorites are the classic Virgin Mojito, the sweet Cherry Cuba Libre and the Tropical Rhubarb.

Spice up your meal

Sabrosa's Latin-American menu with Japanese accents has already won us over. The same goes for its non-alcoholic cocktail menu. The more daring will fall for the spicy recipes of jalapeño or tajín, while those favoring milder flavors will delight in the coconut-banana-lavender blend.

At the Santos tapas bar, flavours are on fire! To accompany tacos, ceviche or chimichurri beef onglet, order the non-alcoholic gin-based drinks, flavored with hibiscus, grapefruit, lemongrass and pepper. Unless you prefer the slush of the moment!

The Indian gastropub Le 409 offers an original menu of signature mocktails to accompany grilled meats, vegetarian specialties or the popular butter chicken poutine. We love the ginger lemonade with kaffir lime and the Bollywood, which combines coconut milk, mango, ginger, turmeric and aniseed. Explosive!

A touch of freshness

JACOPO has made us accustomed to carefully-crafted Italian classics. Its non-alcoholic offerings are just as seductive, featuring juicy fruits, tangy juices and fresh herbs.

At the trendy LOAM wine bar, you can choose between two cocktails featuring Seedlip alcohol-free spirits: one with notes of cucumber and lime, and another with flavors of pineapple and ginger.

At Dinette Italienne Marcella, drinks made with alcohol-free gin are a pleasure to sip. Whether you choose the peach-lavender-basil-sumac concoction or the strawberry-pepper-mint blend, there's no doubt that your taste buds will be delighted.

The flavors of the local and merroir dishes served at Monarque will harmonize perfectly with one of the house's non-alcoholic cocktails. A fruity Virgin Martini, a lemon-cucumber drink and a recipe with herbaceous notes are sure to please.


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