04 Jun 2024

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Get Moving This Summer in Old Montreal!

Get Moving This Summer in Old Montreal!

This summer, whether you live in, work in, or are visiting the neighbourhood, every opportunity is a good one to get yourself moving in sunny, beautiful Old Montreal. Ready for an active season? Right this way for your guide to great places and things to do that’ll pick up your pulse!

Explore the neighbourhood, on the run

If there’s one thing we love about the return to warm weather, it’s the pleasure of training while enjoying the outdoors!

Tx Sport Massage & Multi-Therapies - 696 William Street, Suite 103

If therapists do it, why not you? Well, here’s a noontime running club we're sure you’ll find worth joining! Want to discover a little history as much as the neighbourhood? Look no further and just put your name down: every Wednesday at noon, meet up at William Square and enjoy free expert supervision as you attain your running goals and keep injuries at bay.

Metro, Bixi, and co.

Old Montreal is served by three metro stations on the orange line (Champs-de-Mars, Place-D’Armes and Square-Victoria-OACI), so why not get off one or two stops before yours and cover the distance with a stroll through the old quarter’s history-rich streets? More of a cycling person? Perfect! With 11 Bixi stations spanning the neighbourhood from east to west, you can always just pedal your winding way through Old Montreal!

Exhibitions, dance and pétanque for lunchtimes that move!

To quickly and easily locate rest areas, information booths, photo exhibitions, pétanque courts and music venues, the SDC Vieux-Montréal has put together a map to make things hassle-free for everyone this summer, so please consult it at any time! Moreover, always in keeping with the goal of staying active this season in the old quarter, you’ll find a Music Zone at the Places d’Armes at noon every weekday where you can enjoy live musical performances: 45 concerts in total to celebrate this vibrant and vibing time of the year while showcasing our talented local artists. In other words: this summer, we dance.

Boats on the water and “Vive le fleuve”!

Feeling a little restless and want to have some fun on the river this summer? Écorécréo invites you to live your dream and hit the water with its pédalos (pedal boats) for rent in the Old Port! Perfect for a romantic yet active date, an outing with friends, or maybe – why not – a floating lunch break! Priced at $35 for 30 minutes or $50 for one hour, and if riding a quadricycle along the edge of the Saint Lawrence also speaks to you, you can combine both activities for a most appealing rate.

We train hard!

Whether it’s to build a stronger body, follow a solid training routine or maybe just for good old fun, there’s plenty of workouts for you to try!

Panda Boxing - 640 Saint-Paul Street West, Suite 020

Here, the concept is simple: put on your gloves and box! Several options are available to you at Panda Boxing, and if it happens to be your first time at the club – or boxing altogether – not to worry! You can choose a single group class with towel and gloves included for $17, or you can go for 3 group classes plus a 35-minute private training session for $129. Generally speaking, they offer group classes here, but private training sessions of 35 or 60 minutes are always available, as well as access to the gym. Good to know: Ludo Café, directly adjacent, serves up delicious coffees and refreshing smoothies, perfect for replenishing that eye-of-the-tiger energy!

Milan Pole Dance Studio - 50 Saint-Jacques Street

Not afraid to defy a little gravity? If that’s the case, this place is for you! This studio offers 4 different types of classes to choose from: Pole (beginner to advanced), Dance, Aerial (yoga in a hammock or suspended hoop), and Chair, Floorwork & Flex (designed to improve your flexibility). Various packages and subscriptions available.

Spinco - 500 Saint-Jacques Street

Join in on spin classes given in French, English or both, and bike-burn those calories to devilishly lively rhythms with a community of fellow riders who support each other every pedal of the way! For new clients, take advantage of the unlimited-for-2-weeks trial offer at $50.

Down on the mat to raise yourself up

Because yoga is a discipline that can relax as much as challenge us, here are a few paths we suggest you explore.

Walter Montréal - 85 Saint-Paul Street West

At Walter, a coworking space recently opened in the historic quarter, you’re invited to come and enjoy yoga classes every Tuesday at noon for only $8. And remember to bring a towel along with your mat – you can take a shower on site once the class is over!

Luna Yoga - 231 Saint-Paul Street West

Established in 2003, this studio offers a wide range of classes, whether it be to start your day off with vim and vigour, to challenge yourself physically and mentally, or for some well-deserved unwinding in the evening. Once a month, the “Luna Lounge” offers a playful and exploratory yoga practice you won’t want to miss, so keep an eye on their website for more details. New clients benefit from an introductory offer at $58 for the first month; a great way to find your yogic groove!

Riverside Yoga - Special activity

Every Tuesday from 6 to 7 P.M., June 25 to August 27, roll out your mat by the water on Clock Tower Beach for $19 (exchangeable for another date if the event is cancelled). Tickets will only be available online, beginning in June, directly from the Old Port ticketing site.

Take care of your body to keep on moving

After effort comes comfort, the saying goes, and oh how true when you lead an active lifestyle!

Le Scandinave Spa - 71 De la Commune Street West

Specializing in thermotherapy and massage, Le Scandinave Spa also features several feel-good promotions, like their “Early Bird and Night Owl”, which gives you 20% off on your massage package from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M., every day. Also good to know: their “Local Tuesdays” promotion allows Old Montreal residents to get 25% off on the spa’s Thermal Journey on – you guessed it – Tuesdays!

U.N.I. Training - 507 Place d’Armes

In addition to working out in a fully equipped gym ideal for personal training, here you can also avail yourself of private consultations with a chiropractor, undergo training in mental performance, get nutrition counselling, or opt for physiotherapy, osteopathy or kinesiology treatment.

Tx Sport Massage & Multi-Therapies - 696 William Street, Suite 103

Physiotherapy, sports massage, kinesiology; this clinic is staffed by a team of qualified therapists who specialize in treating athletes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all reap the benefits! Good to know: you can opt for a treatment plan and thus obtain discounts applied to each treatment. Details available on their website.

Photos: Sara Megan - Geneviève Giguère - Old Port of Montreal - Scandinave Spa - Walter - Luna Yoga

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