27 Aug 2023

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Fall fashion in Old Montreal

Fall fashion in Old Montreal

For some, back-to-school is synonymous with hot pumpkin brew, while for others, it's the long-awaited moment to renew your wardrobe and express your love for fall fashion. Here's what boutiques in Old Montreal have to offer this season to keep you on the cutting edge.

LUC.S – 147, Saint-Paul West Street

This boutique, in existence since 2017 and accessible by appointment only, is a paradise for lovers of luxury items. On consignment, you'll find practically brand-new pieces from some of the world's most prestigious luxury brands at lower prices, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine and The Row, as well as exclusive brands such as Chrome Hearts. You'll also find many classic, high-quality pieces, with subtle details and logos that follow the new fashion trend of "quiet luxury".

Fashion enthusiasts Luc and Marc will help you find classic pieces and limited editions that are sure to turn heads this autumn. Since fashion follows a 20-year cycle, you can be sure that you'll find pieces that were part of the greatest fashion shows of the early 2000s.

Delano Design, 70 Saint-Paul West Street

As you enter the boutique, it's immediately clear that jeans and earthy colors will be in fashion this fall. We're thinking in particular of brown, a warm color that can be worn with everything. The watchword is monochrome, but with slightly less color than this summer.

Delano Design is the place to go for designer clothes and accessories from Montreal designers. This fall's must-have piece is an oversized blazer that can be worn with a skirt or shorts, or with a pair of jeans. You can even coordinate your blazer with wide-leg pants in the same color. To complete your outfit, opt for a loafer-style shoe or a small boot with an asymmetrical heel that can be worn to work or school.

Felix Boutique, 205, Saint-Paul West Street

This new boutique in Old Montreal is the place to go for shoes for young and old alike. This shoe paradise receives a new inventory every week, to everyone's delight, with the most in-demand models. This fall, suede and leather will be in the spotlight.

You'll also be able to pick up Felix the Cat apparel, while enjoying the store's unique DJ and coffee-to-go atmosphere. What's more, you'll even be able to find the famous pair of Nike Dunk Low Montreal Bagel Sesame.

Swell and Ginger, 231, Notre-Dame West Street

This autumn, the watchword is "oversize". Long, wide-leg jeans are still very much in evidence, explains Camille, the store manager. We're even going so far as to leave the bottom of the pants on the floor to fray a little. Pair them with a tighter-fitting t-shirt or a larger sweater, like a knit.

To complete the look, add a heeled boot or one of the gorgeous loafers you'll find in stores. As for colors, this fall we're wearing more neutral, earthy tones accompanied by a flashier accessory. Of course, this season, we want to wear something comfortable, which is why materials such as cashmere, mohair, velvet and corduroy continue to dominate.

The must-have piece in your wardrobe this autumn is a beautiful knit or colorful cardigan.

Sandrini, 78 Notre-Dame Ouest West

This season, boutique owner Katia says that chunky soles are all the rage, whether on a boot, a loafer or a sneaker. They can be worn with floral dresses or wide-leg pants. White boots are also back this autumn.

We can expect to see many textures, from patent leather to crocodile patterns on shoes and accessories. Earthy colors are in, as you'll find plenty of brown and bottle-green at Sandrini.

The must-have piece this fall is a brown Fly London boot with a chunky heel.

Le Cartel, 421, Saint-Vincent Street

This Montreal-based brand has been around since 2015, setting up shop in Old Montreal just over a year ago. Here you'll find unique, unisex clothing created in collaboration with Quebec's hottest artists.

This fall, get your hands on the cargo set, a dark green two-piece created in collaboration with Farah Allegue, or the Coach Jacket waterproof coat. Hurry to get your hands on their pieces, as each collection is a limited edition.

Les collections Mademoiselle EartH, 367, Saint-Paul East Street

This boutique is a veritable Ali Baba's cave, and that's saying something because it's located below ground level. As you enter, you'll immediately notice Alexandra's clothes paired with the paintings of Quebec painter ANNLO, with whom the space is shared.

This fall, you'll find a brand-new collection from Mademoiselle EartH, featuring chic and funky pieces in shades of purple, green and denim blue. An avid traveler, Alexandra draws inspiration from all over the world to create her unique collections.

The must-have piece this fall is a more "old school" style ensemble, but reworked with a fabric that can be worn with shoes as well as heels.

Photos : Geneviève Giguère et Marie-Jade Morneau

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