22 Mar 2023

Time 4 minutes

Address book: Experience Old Montreal like a local

Address book: Experience Old Montreal like a local

Want to know everything about Old Montreal? Locals share their habits and favorite places in the historic district. Looking for recommendations from Old Montreal residents and workers? Find out more in this first and second part.

For Megan, a measurement advisor at Blandin et Delloye - who we love for their custom-made suits and shirts - Old Montreal is synonymous with a good neighborhood and places to stop after work.

For a coffee: A stop at Le Beau Marché, just across the street, is a must. She enjoys buying things she can't find anywhere else.

For dinner: Megan likes to pick up a meal at her neighbors' Poké Station at least once a week. In the summer, the team likes to eat at Jardin Nelson and in the winter, it's at Le Monarque or Delmo's where the team meets to enjoy the seafood on offer.

For her eyes: After a day of work, Megan often stops by the Wishbone Art Gallery to greet the team. She spends time admiring the new exhibits during openings, as she and her team are always invited.

The team at Structure Coffee Roasters - an establishment that has been recognized for its delicious coffee by the Th3rdwave platform - shares their suggestions.

For dinner: The fish and chips at Brit & Ships hold no secrets for the Structure Roasters team, as do the neighboring pizzas at Pizzera NO.900, with whom the team has a great relationship. The manager of Pizzeria NO.900 comes to do her accounting at Structure Roasters while enjoying a good coffee.

For a meal on the go: On weekends, a stop at Mandy's is a must to taste their delicious salads. When the weather is right, the team eats their salads right by the river.

To meet up with your team after work: For a drink, Vallier Bistro is the place to be. For a meal, it's at the Monopole, but as the team is very friendly, the evening is often prolonged and with good bottles of wine.

Lysanne Pépin, the owner of the magnificent Maison Pépin - where we stop, among other things, for her selection of bedding, as well as her Quebec-made sofas - shares with you some of her favorite places in the historic district.

To give: A stop at Le Petit Dep is always a nice way to pick up quality and aesthetic Quebec products.

For appetizers: Inspired by the Italian way of life, Un po di Più is a café that will charm you with its coffees, appetizers and fresh Italian pasta.

For a good meal: The Holder is the place to be for Lysanne to enjoy good food with colleagues or friends.

For Florence and Arianne of Pinklablonde Hair Salon, it's important to encourage small, local and independent businesses in Old Montreal.

For a coffee: To start the day off right, the girls go get a hot drink at Micro Espresso, then a sweet treat at L'Amour du Pain or Chez Potier.

For team bonding: For quality time with the whole team, it's definitely at Pubjelly where everyone meets to share dishes made from local ingredients in a relaxed atmosphere.

To party: The choice is usually Clandestino, a hidden bar that offers an impressive variety of tequilas and mezcals, or STILLLIFE for a festive evening.

Aveline, the manager of L'empreinte coopérative, and Suntaree, the assistant manager, were happy to share their favorite spots. They also mentioned that the renovations in the boutique are completed and that many new products have been added.

For a drink: Délices Érable & Cie, located right next door to L'empreinte, is the perfect place to grab a hot chocolate before work. Add a touch of maple and you’ll have the best treat for sure.

For gifts: Mon Shack au Québec is a gold mine for completing your purchases.

Amélie, the barista at Olive et Gourmando - where you can enjoy a delicious plate of homemade salted ricotta with a seasonal salad - shares her favorite addresses in Old Montreal.

For a coffee before work: Amélie's go-to stop for energy before her shift is 49th Parallel. This Vancouver-based café, founded in 2004, offers quality coffee with vegan options.

For an after-work drink: To relax after work, Amélie heads to Pub Saint-Pierre.

For local gifts: When Amélie wants to give a 100% Quebec gift to someone she knows, her go-to place is Le Petit Dep.

N.B.: Are you also one of the Gens du Vieux and want to share your rituals in other places within the neighbourhood? It can be for health and wellness, sports, pets, grocery and more… Write to us at info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com and we would be happy to complete this article with your recommendations!