15 Jul 2023

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A summer weekend in Old Montreal: where to sleep, eat and celebrate

A summer weekend in Old Montreal: where to sleep, eat and celebrate

Discover the vibrant and historic charm of Old Montreal, the perfect destination for a memorable summer weekend. Here are some recommendations for accommodations, delicious restaurants, and festive activities to maximize your stay.

Where to sleep?

Looking for the perfect place to rest after a day of exploring? Old Montreal is brimming with charming hotels and inns offering a unique and luxurious experience.

  • Hotel William Gray perfectly embodies artful design and a spirit of welcoming conviviality. Meet an incredible staff who’s ready to offer an elevated guest experience. Plus, the hotel also boasts a spa for a relaxing experience, renowned restaurants and a rooftop terrace.

  • Hôtel Gault, is an architectural masterpiece with a beautiful stone design. It offers exceptional customer service in a luxurious setting. Plus, foodies will be delighted as the hotel offers a refined culinary experience at Restaurant Gault, inspired by contemporary French cuisine.

  • Hygie Hotel is situated in a prime location, just a short stroll away from the boutiques, museums, art galleries, restaurants, and events of Old Montreal. This delightful boutique hotel provides a peaceful retreat that seamlessly blends contemporary design with historic architecture.

Where to eat?

Old Montreal offers an array of options for every taste and craving. It's a unique place to discover new flavors and to try gastronomic experiences.

  • Begin your day with a delectable brunch at Babacool, where you can savor distinct flavors inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. It's an ideal spot to indulge in a variety of traditional and reinvented mezzés, perfect for sharing. Additionally, you can explore our article for more local brunch recommendations.

  • Feeling a bit hungry in the afternoon? Head to Petit Sao, a Vietnamese restaurant offering delicious lunch options. For example, you'll find amazing "bun" bowls, tasty vermicelli salads, banh mi (traditional Vietnamese sandwiches) and Tonkinese soups. You can also quench your thirst with their refreshing lemonades or Vietnamese coffee.

  • Buvette Pastek welcomes you in a lovely setting and offers a variety of tempting dishes, from revisited classics to bold creations. The restaurant stands out for its attentive service, and in-depth knowledge of local wines to help you find the perfect pairing to accompany your meal. Bonus: Buvette Pastek also offers an outdoor terrace to enjoy the warm summer evenings with a refreshing cocktail.

Where to celebrate?

Old Montreal is undoubtedly renowned for its lively nightlife and numerous bars and clubs. Here are some recommendations for a memorable night out.

  • If you love craft cocktails, head to the Coldroom, a hidden speakeasy with a mysterious vibe. You'll discover talented mixologists, incredible cocktails and a cozy atmosphere.

  • If you prefer to dance the night away, don't miss Velvet Speakeasy, a popular underground club that regularly hosts local and international DJs. You'll find a lively dance floor and an electrifying atmosphere.

  • Located on the roof of a historic building, the Perché terrace overlooks the neighborhood's cobblestone streets, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding cityscape. It's the perfect place to enjoy the sunset with a refreshing cocktail and delicious appetizers. You’ll absolutely love its unique view and chic, green decor.

You’re definitely in for a fun and unforgettable weekend in Old Montreal!

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Photos 1-2-3 : Sara Megan, photo 4 : Perché, photo 5 : Buvette Pastek, photo 6 : Hygie