Micro Espresso Café

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Micro espresso café is a small espresso bar in the heart of old Montreal.

They have a wide range of different coffees, multiple brewing methods, and coffee beans to brew or even buy to use at home.

Delicious pastries from the neighbourhood pastry chef Chez Potier are also available.

Their 300-square-foot espresso bar offers an artisanal approach to brewing coffee. They pride themselves on their knowledge of coffee, either in how they prepare it or in their selection of coffee for specific brewing methods.

They give great importance to diversity and inclusion in their supply chain by carefully examining who is behind the companies they choose to work with. They promote local women-owned businesses, like their Pluck teas (TO) tea supplier or their specialty coffee roasters Za & Klo (Verdun).

Their goal is to support local artisans as much as possible for several reasons: to encourage merchants in the neighbourhood, make a difference for other nearby small businesses, reduce their carbon footprint by using local producers, and offer traceable coffees and teas.

Micro Espresso Café also offers coffee-bike rides on Friday mornings; end your week with them!

Hours and further details can be found on the company’s website.

417 Rue Saint-Pierre, Montréal, Québec H2Y 2M4, Canada