Maisons & Co.


With two locations in the neighborhood, Maisons & Co offers the warmth of home and the convenience of a completely independent arrival.

Maison Saint-Vincent - 443 Saint-Vincent Street

Originally the Hôtel Richelieu, Maison Saint-Vincent owes its charm to its exterior, which dates back to 1858. Here you'll find 10 colorful, luxurious rooms with European flair and original French windows that let the daylight in.

Maison Sainte-Thérèse - 104 Sainte-Thérèse Street

This former library from the 1800s now houses 12 rooms in the Maison Sainte-Thérèse. This original stone and brick building features a contemporary design with modern furnishings and a magnificent rooftop terrace to enjoy the ambiance of the neighborhood in a private setting.

Schedules and more details can be found directly on the company's website.

Photos: Maisons & Co.

443 Rue Saint-Vincent, Montréal, QC H2Y 1E7, Canada