Café de Mercanti

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Does authentic Italian coffee complete you? If so, there’s a little place in the heart of the historic neighborhood that was made just for you!

Gianni Battista, the founder behind this entire project, was himself a barista for more than 10 years in Italy, in the original Caffe de Mercanti! In 2012, he opened up his first café in Monkland, and in 2015 alongside Frank Miozzi, he opened the location on east Notre-Dame Street which has brought cheer to all of Old Montreal!

Gianni expertly hand-picks the best beans, which you can enjoy in the café, or buy to take home. This gives you the freedom to taste a bit of la dolce vita one cup at a time, and savor the Italian art of “taking your time in taking your coffee”.

Schedules and more details can be found directly on the company's website.

Photo: Studio Iris

350 Rue Notre-Dame Est, Montreal, QC, Canada