04 Apr 2016

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Gens du Vieux | The Blogger An Tran

Gens du Vieux | The Blogger An Tran

An Tran : Blogger for MTL FOOD SNOB


An has two true loves: coffee and bacon. But in all seriousness, she is a real foodie. Since she never developed a penchant for cooking, she compensates by going out to eat at new restaurants every week. Today, she shares her favorite places in Old Montreal for business meetings over some of the district’s finest food.

Brunch or supper for a business meal?

Definitely brunch, because mornings make for more relaxing and intimate meetings. It’s always easier to get to know someone over a delicious latte; conversation tends to flow better. Each café is unique, but my favorites in Old Montreal are the Petit Hôtel’s lobby and the Bar à Beurre.

When I walk by the Petit Hôtel and see that my favorite place to sit – the small table with two chairs beside the large window – is available, I just can’t resist it. It’s my place of choice to enjoy breakfast while looking out the window and watching people flourish in the morning light. I like going to this café for a cozier meeting with one of the district’s Yuccies.

The Bar à Beurre has an elegant and warm ambiance and serves scrumptious pastries! Its great lighting due its many large windows and its rainbow array of macarons make for great food pics (#instafood). I would go here for a business meeting with an entrepreneur 2.0.

Where to go for a business lunch?

It all depends on what kind of ambiance you’re looking for…

Source : Instagram/@mtlfoodsnob

The Comptoir Végétarien

If you’re hosting a meeting with a vegetarian client who enjoys interior design, the Comptoir Végétarien, managed by the lovely Annie from the The Pepin Shop, is perfect for you. It’s easy-going and charming! It’s only opened during lunch hours and its intimacy gives it quite the undercover allure.

Brit & Chip

For a more casual meeting at a more esthetically sober place, Brit & Chip is quite simply the best for enjoying an authentic meal.

Tapas 24 Snackbar

Tapas 24 Snackbar is ideal for a fancier meeting. Their lunch specials are really worth it and clients always rave about how cozy the place feels. This is because it only hosts ten seated places and you can see the chef cook your meal from but a couple feet away – quite the unique experience!

Lattuca BBQ

If your client is a real meat lover, Lattuca BBQ is THE restaurant to go to for the most mouth-watering meat dishes. It is a spacious place with many large windows which gives the place great lighting.

An Tran began publishing food pics when she was staying in London as a way of answering her parents’ inquiries as to what she was eating overseas.

Since then, many people have been following her culinary discoveries via her blog and her videos.

Source cover photo : Instagram/@mtlfoodsnob