04 Dec 2020

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Alluring Dessert Offerings in Old Montreal!

Alluring Dessert Offerings in Old Montreal!

The holidays are synonymous with good family meals, traditional or not. And to close out any respectable festive meal, you need to have a dessert to live up to that standard. Many establishments in Old Montreal offer some excellent sugary options that are so difficult to resist. Interested? Read on to see your options… and enjoy yourself!

Le Marquis Signature Santé, 194 Saint-Paul West

Do you know the bakery Boulangerie Le Marquis Sans Gluten? Well Signature Santé, its little sibling, is a business that offers products that are gluten free, yes, but also with no added sugars, low in carbs, and ketogenic! And for the holidays, this new business is offering Yule logs that serve six, as well as personal mini-logs. Feeling really hungry? You can receive a 10% discount if you buy two standard size Yule logs. Many flavours are available; which one will you pick?

Maison Christian Faure, 355 Place Royale

Maison Christian Faure, whose reputation precedes it, is offering tasty Yule logs for the holidays, of course… but that’s not all! Crunchy praline, traditional mille-feuille (individual servings or larger party servings), little fleur de sel caramel pots, and raspberry passion tartes are also available to satisfy your sugar cravings!

Bar à Beurre, 348 Notre-Dame East

Pastry shop Bar à Beurre has a mouth-watering Christmas collection this year: cookies, cupcakes, macarons, candy cane-shaped cakes (vanilla or Christmas spice flavoured), Yule logs, and outstanding ice cream cakes! It’ll be the hardest choice you make this year! This place will earn you some “Wow!”s and “Mmm…”s from your friends!

Cookie Stéfanie, 272 Saint-Jacques West

Cookie Stéfanie is offering a limited edition spiced log with cream cheese and chocolate ganache icing. To reserve yours, call 438-380-1560. Interested in a cake, rather than the more traditional log? No worries: you can treat yourself with one of their Queen Elizabeth cakes or their tiramisu. Are you vegan? You can choose between their nice apple and maple cake or their lemon cranberry cake. And don’t forget, you can also order one of their famous fruitcakes… Reserve quick, quantities are limited!

Les Glaceurs, 453 Saint-Sulpice

This boutique specializing in cakes and cupcakes, Les Glaceurs, has prepared cupcake boxes just for the occasion: the Holiday Box with 12 or 6 cupcakes, the Fun Holiday Box with 6 cupcakes (definitely the one you want if you’ve got young kids at home), the Boozy Box with 4 alcohol-flavoured cupcakes, and the Holiday Box with 12 mini cupcakes (for the pleasure of eating more than just one)! Want just one dessert on the table? Then opt for the Giant Holiday cupcake (in red velvet or chocolate).

Café Mercanti, 350 Notre-Dame East, Suite 1

What would the holidays be without that famous Italian cake, the Panettone? To find this succulent dessert, head to Café Mercanti! Aside from Filippi and Augusta brand Panettone, you will also find Leone candies and pastilles, and several other snacks. We have a soft spot for the Baci chocolates, which means “kisses” in Italian. And if you’re feeling a little peckish during your visit, get yourself one of their delicious chocolate cookies.

Caffe Un Pu Di Piu, 3 de la Commune East

This restaurant with all the charms of an Italian refreshment bar, Caffe Un Pu Di Piu is selling its Torta Caprese – a sublime dark chocolate cake with almonds, cherries, and sour cream – and a decadent parfait of orange chocolate custard, cacao crumble, almonds, and whipped cream (coming soon) on their à la carte menu and their menu for two. Ideal for if you want to switch up things from the traditional holiday dessert!

Les Moulins LaFayette, 245 Saint-Jacques

The pastry chefs at Moulins LaFayette have come up with seven beautiful, appetizing Yule logs that will have you spending some difficult minutes deciding on which to get. But rest assured, it’s impossible to go wrong here; whether you go for the classic royal palace, or for the new iced nougat, you will be satisfied!

Pub Brewskey, 380 Saint-Paul East

You may have seen Pub Brewskey show off their decadent Rice Krispies squares and their homemade chocolate mousse with hazelnuts and caramelized peanuts on their social media… For more tempting surprises, follow their social media accounts to see what else they have in store.

Délices Érable & Cie, 84 Saint-Paul East

Maple syrup, one of Quebec’s quintessential flavours, is given the place of honour at Délices Érable et Cie, celebrated in all of its forms: maple candies, maple crème cookies, maple sugar crisps, maple caramels, maple popcorn, maple butter… There is enough here to organize a brunch or a whole dessert table for your parties around just maple products… It’s an intriguing idea, isn’t it?

Bistro Marché De La Villette, 324 Saint-Paul West

Doing business in Old Montreal for many years now, Bistro Marché De La Villette offers gourmet chocolate products for dessert. They boast a variety of brownies – fleur de sel, matcha, pecan, s’mores, nuts, and our favourite, intense 55% cacao – which they recommend you warm up for 15 seconds in the oven before serving. Why not prepare a dessert platter offering all six varieties? On their menu, they also have lava cakes: chocolate, raspberry chocolate, and the divine Speculoos cookie lava cake.

Chocosina, 406 Saint-Sulpice

Chocolates and treats this way! Boutique Chocosina is an absolute must-see if you have a sweet tooth! Our most recent favourite: their artisanal gluten-free fudges. Set them out on the table, and they’ll disappear faster than you can blink!

LApop, 436 Saint-François-Xavier

Waffle fans need to make a trip to LApop! They offer a box for delivery – dessert or brunch, it’s up to you! – containing six waffles as well as two dips and the toppings of your choice. Old and young alike will ask for seconds again and again!

Comptoir 400, 400 Place Jacques-Cartier

Forget the traditional Yule log; for Christmas Eve, Comptoir 400 presents Le Chalet! Astound everyone in the room with this round wooden cabin sweet, for sale at $32 each. Order yours today!

N.B.: Does your business also offer delicious desserts and could figure into this holiday list? Don’t hesitate to write to us at info@sdcvieuxmontreal.com, and we would be happy to add it here.

Photo credit: Les Glaceurs; Bar à Beurre; Café Mercanti; Le Marquis Signature Santé