18 Aug 2020

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Address Book: For Vegans

Address Book: For Vegans

Last updated: Tuesday August 18th, 2020

In Old Montreal, the offering of services here is so varied that regardless of the number and diversity of people roaming its streets searching for a treatment, product, cultural establishment, or good restaurant, there is a business here to cover all wants and needs. Here, we have gathered a list of local businesses, products and services based in the heart of this historic neighbourhood that will be sure to satisfy any practicing a vegan lifestyle and pleasantly surprise everyone.

Le Lov, a hidden gem nestled on McGill Street, is a restaurant that works for business lunches and casual meals with friends alike with its interesting wine and food selection. They boast a quick service and friendly, attentive servers. Vintage elements are masterfully integrated into the charming décor; marble, copper, wood and plants come together perfectly here.

Lambert offers a wide range of comfortable and multi-functional vegan bags that don’t skimp on style. For both women and men – be it classic or colourful, worn on the shoulders or held in hand, you will surely find the right model for you.

Le Bota Bota is notable for its vegan nail polishes used in their manicures and pedicures, and what’s more, you aren’t required to purchase access to the baths when you reserve the appointment for your treatment. Of course, if you’ve got the time, we wouldn’t blame you for trying out the spa experience of the Bota Bota gardens... Please note that in order to enjoy Bota Bota’s services, you must set an appointment and reserve a time window for treatments and bath access; social distancing rules apply.

Boulangerie Le marquis, in addition to being a 100% gluten free bakery, offers a whole selection of vegetarian products. With their breads, viennoiseries, and pastries, it’s difficult to resist these delicacies crafted with certified organic flour. Additionally, they offer vegan products, such as their raspberry sables, or their decadent hazelnut and chocolate tartes.

Kupfert & Kim

This “wheat-free, meat-free” concept comes to us from Toronto. Strong off its success in the Ontario metropolis, Kupfert & Kim has chosen to expand to the Montreal market, to the great pleasure of the foodies among us! This brand strives to limit its ecological footprint through its healthy and organic menu. But these eco-friendly gestures aren’t made at the cost of the food’s taste, nor the store’s décor! Beautiful and delectable, this healthy, quick-service business will have you feeling spoiled!

More good news for vegetarians: you can now get a poutine! At Charleys, the food truck stationed in the Old-Port, you have the possibility to get a vegetarian poutine sauce.


Hanna & Jenna (Still closed for now)

This delightful store offers a flexitarian cuisine, based on your health and well-being. Here, culinary enjoyment is as important as the feeling of mindfulness that accompanies the creation of each dish. You can choose one of their delicious wok or poké recipes, or you may personalize your bowl to your specific tastes.

Bloom Sushi (still closed for now)

Take a trip to Japan and experience Bloom sushi’s perfectly balanced flavours. The subtle notes of the Far East will dance on your plate and tantalize your taste buds with their umami tones. Your eyes will be just as impressed with their careful and delicate décor, making for a fully satisfying experience.

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